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  1. You guys have to remember that the competitive community is a tiny niche subset of the Halo community. Yes, this infinite situation is a disaster, and yes the HCS situation is god awful too, but I highly doubt Halo as a whole is doing SO BADLY that MS would move the IP to another studio.
  2. I hate when other games do that. Love the consistency. Halo 5 aside ffs.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/HelplessSnappyCoyoteKAPOW :/
  4. I didn't realise how, outside of the competitive niche, the skill gap in Halo in general can be massive. Ignoring the fact that it's snipedown and aim assist, it's still pretty telling because these streamers are lost lol. I guess I forgot how bad people can be is what I'm trying to say.
  5. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let snipedown in this? It's bullying lol. Terrible impressions aboud. Worst part is you already know the result.
  6. Always hated it. They never were a thing back in the day really. I mean you had "slim" versions and what not but not completely new, more powerful consoles every like 1 or 2 years. i feel like it's milking consumers. The Xbox One should have been the Xbox One X hardware wise, or at least a lot closer. Interested what other people think though, I could see some potential arguments for it. EDIT: Oh and not to mention, isn't infinite's development struggles in part because it had to run on the 2013 Xbox? Yeah, you get problems like that now. Nice.
  7. I'll just say, PS4 has some nice exclusives and sometimes PC ports are hot garbage: Look at RDR2 or Horizon Zero Dawn.
  8. Early 2022 would pretty much be the nail in the coffin for Halo, but we're already there anyway. I just don't see how that would be realistic for pros and content creators to live off of, and at that point I feel like a 7 year wait would slip us into irrelevancy so deep even F2P wouldn't get us out. It's so frustrating man. Initially I thought 5 years of development might have been a good thing: you know, polish the game, make sure it's a near perfect launch, yadda yadda. Only to find out the delay was because of internal struggles, scraping and restarting over and over, switching engines blah blah. I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point :/.
  9. There's no way that number is real... 0________0
  10. Being conservative and saying most people were 14-18 in 2007, that would make the majority of players now 27-31 which I would consider acceptable "boomer" status. Far less so than CE fanboys though.
  11. yes cancel the 7 yr old xbox one version
  12. Yeah let's just entirely give up on and not care the opinions and interests of people that average 30-50k viewers a stream (a lot of whom used to play Halo a lot). sounds great. Yeah who cares if the literal first thing they show after 5 years looks like last gen, and people lmake a meme out of it. Because first impressions don't matter. I think the delay is a good thing. Didn't say I wanted to game out out now. I'm just saying it shouldn't excuse how the things have been handled thus far.
  13. I'm kind of sad. We have been the laughing stock of gaming/esports for so long. I just heard Shroud say "Halo? DELAYED. Forever." and it just hit home. 5 years and all we get is 5 minutes of actual gameplay, mass criticism of 343 as a workplace, last gen graphics somehow chosen to be the first thing shown in this 5 year wait, 343 employees embracing being laughed at and now a nebulous "delayed until 2021". I was legitimately thinking we could be back to what we once were, but thus far the only optimistic thing i can see is that multiplayer will be free to play. Probably won't be having any LANs for a year to 1.5 years at the least. I sympathies with them re: covid, but I just don't buy it as an excuse for what we've seen so far.
  14. It's not even that it's: "HALO 3 IS DOGSHIT HAHA CE IS GODLIKE" - MIDDLE AGED MAN "THE GRAPHICS ARE TERRIBLE IN THIS DEMO BAAAW (I AGREEE)" - EVERYONE "HAHA UR DUMB, 343 IS DUMB, AIM ASSIST , HAHA IM TERRIBLE TAKE TANNER" - GUY WITH LITERALLY 13 ACCOUNTS WHO QUOTES HIMSELF AND RESPONDS Oh and you can't forget the bitter guys so hell bent and eager to shit on 343 and modern Halo they're making sweeping statements about how infinite will be garbage after 6 minutes of campaign gameplay. Oh well.
  15. Campaign wasn't terrible if I remember right.
  16. except that he as like 11 accounts and you have to manually paste in the usernames lol.
  17. Hm, I'd actually say they're pretty even.
  18. Why are we letting this kid have 4 accounts and troll with every single one LOL.
  19. I...I feel like you didn't even watch his video.
  20. Hahaha, I was just thinking that he reminded me of you to some extent, but if you made the same type of video I wouldn't have had any issues. Dunno what it was exactly that rubbed me the wrong way.
  21. Wouldn't say as much. I tried to get as far as I could but the speed at which he talks and the general pretentious "well achkually" tone just drove me nuts, how people get all that "matter of fact" preconception from an 8 minute clip I have no idea.
  22. I'm not familiar with that workplace review site, can anyone just make an account and claim they worked there? If so, that's basically worthless.
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