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  1. Noodle, where did you find that info? There was some confusion and arguments last night about game types and long story short we got a 3 game scrim The way this is being run isn’t very structured, like if you’re gonna let the players decide the game types at least write a blog or tweet something
  2. Obvious exceptions, but you propose a solution where there are none, and literally tell people like me, who are a big part of it, to be SoL because “Fuck Controller players”.
  3. Humflung, I have a disability that makes it far easier for me to use a controller than a mkb, so by your logic rather than playing with my friends on PC which I prefer, I should go fuck myself and power up the ol’ shitbox?
  4. Summit talking about how the imbalance has caused mkb to leave and the population to dramatically drop. As well as a drop in viewership. Unfortunate. He ends up hating himself every Halo stream, might as well just drop it. I don't know what 343 can really do, hopefully they can figure something out for infiinite. Separate by input? idk. Part of me also feels like it's a "deal with it or switch to a controller and stop bitching" sorta thing but that's a little unrealistic.
  5. Default settings should "just work" but I don't agree with not having options. There's no reason not to.
  7. Anyone here been playing Dubs? I don't remember the spawns being this broken. I'm in a 1 on 1 fight with a guy and his teamate spawns right next to him mid fight and kills me????? Seems like the influence is all kinds of fucked.
  8. https://twitter.com/greenskull/status/1199398164861603840?s=21
  9. Brother, the man was the ONLY guy in the tourny using a mouse, and all the other "personality" picks were people who had clearly played Halo at a decently high level. If I was him I'd be heated too, and I can't help but think that those personalities were somewhat of a "best we can do" situation because nobody takes Halo seriously anymore. Who the hell is tannerslays? Who the hell is Gigz? Oh yeah throw Legion in there too that makes sense. I feel like summit is the only personality worth any salt that praised Halo in recent years; then he agrees to do this and gets joked. Lmao.
  10. Full radar removal definitely wasn't unanimous among the pros.
  11. Maybe, just maybe, they scrapped an initial idea that had full sprint, jetpacks and wall running and decided to start from the ground up due to terrible focus group testing. Or maybe it's because of the new engine? Not entirely sure how much work that entails but I can't see it being a 5 year thing either. It is strange, I'll give you that.
  12. All in all though, if nothing else I'm curious as to whether or not this first 5 year break for the series amount to anything beneficial . I feel like the last few games I've had a rough idea as to the general direction, but this time I feel a teensy bit of hope, even with sprints inclusion. As far as the HCS direction I'm less impressed though. That blog post was a whole of words and nothing substantial. If 343 fails after this 5 year break, we're done though.
  13. Those teams are wack honestly. Dunno about this event EDIT: I thought they were ATL teams not just qualifiers. My bad.
  14. I could be wrong but I think Postums has no input on the MP stuff. Not that there won't be sprint, though
  15. Imagine being that far gone and stuck to "principle" that you can't enjoy a series that tied game 5, four times. Jesus. Give it a rest.
  16. These tournaments are kinda like The Simpsons. You put it on for something to watch out of boredom. Lets not kid ourselves, nobody really watched the last event, and it's super unfortunate there's more than a year of waiting for anything that doesn't feel like scraps thrown at us the way these classic Halo tournaments do. Entertains nonetheless.
  17. What? XBL is down, meaning they can't play games because as far as I know they still need a live connection.
  18. What a disappointing performance from Snipedown and co. Hope they bounce back tomorrow
  19. I don't know what it is but I'll never be able to wrap my head around having a mindset like that regarding Halo gameplay. BTB and shenanigansd is fun sometimes but to me that's not what Halo is and it's just weird to hear people be so vehement about the casual side. It's probably the exact opposite for casuals though.
  20. I’m curious, how many of you actually think no sprint might happen and if it doesn’t how many of you won’t buy the game?
  21. Shotzzy got back smacked with rockets by neighbour in a close game of Narrows TS last event so
  22. At least 3000 of Beasts posts are ramblings about grievances and pedantic debates about game mechanics and this dude is out here telling people "it's just a game and not that serious" The hell is happening. Some serious pot and kettle going on.

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