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  1. Imagine being that far gone and stuck to "principle" that you can't enjoy a series that tied game 5, four times. Jesus. Give it a rest.
  2. These tournaments are kinda like The Simpsons. You put it on for something to watch out of boredom. Lets not kid ourselves, nobody really watched the last event, and it's super unfortunate there's more than a year of waiting for anything that doesn't feel like scraps thrown at us the way these classic Halo tournaments do. Entertains nonetheless.
  3. What? XBL is down, meaning they can't play games because as far as I know they still need a live connection.
  4. What a disappointing performance from Snipedown and co. Hope they bounce back tomorrow
  5. I don't know what it is but I'll never be able to wrap my head around having a mindset like that regarding Halo gameplay. BTB and shenanigansd is fun sometimes but to me that's not what Halo is and it's just weird to hear people be so vehement about the casual side. It's probably the exact opposite for casuals though.
  6. I’m curious, how many of you actually think no sprint might happen and if it doesn’t how many of you won’t buy the game?
  7. Shotzzy got back smacked with rockets by neighbour in a close game of Narrows TS last event so
  8. At least 3000 of Beasts posts are ramblings about grievances and pedantic debates about game mechanics and this dude is out here telling people "it's just a game and not that serious" The hell is happening. Some serious pot and kettle going on.
  9. Hate to break it to you my man but sprint will be in the game in one form or another.
  10. I would've swallowed this better if I learned this after a hype trailer god dammit slatcher
  11. You have no idea how sad I am at how short lived the Apex hype seemed, and now Fortnite is back on top for what seems like forever. It's so boring, and not competitive at all. I don't get it man.
  12. In my opinion, your data is bullshit and doesn't prove anything. xD
  13. Sure, opinions can't be wrong, but that doesn't mean can't be heavily criticized or ridiculed. Lots of Flat Earthers out there, despite objective data.

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