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  1. https://xboxclips.co/jamel/5224cc3a-a74d-474a-bc9c-d6ba93a813d1 Found this gem...
  2. Will infinite be cross play at launch? Was thinkin about gettin a new GPU for it, but if it's not gonna be crossplay ill probably be getting the series X
  3. I'm not saying Infinite will be good or any thing of the sort but it's weird to me how some people here seem absolutely positive it's going to be shit. We haven't seen anything at all? If it's based purely on track record then I guess you've already made up your mind long ago...
  4. Yeah, this whole covid thing is probably lookin real convenient for 343 right about now... Imagine a six year gap. Imagine.
  5. Ya'll really tryna justify CE's spawns? Even in 2v2 they're terrible.
  6. Someone told me they reported me for saying "you're fucking TRASH" after I clutched a 2v1 situation in doubles. My qualm isn't with the people who complain about racism, sexism, or extreme berating. It's just that in a competitive nature, sometimes that heat of the moment stuff comes out.
  7. is it common for games to show no gameplay 7 months before release? I can't think of many games that wouldn't have at least something by this point. RDR2, cyberpunk, F7 remake, fucking The Last of Us 2...All have shown GP...
  8. Not to get too off topic and philosophical but I wonder why we're so soft these days.
  9. It is kinda crazy how much Ninja was mocked back in the day. Ah well, jokes on them now. Then again, click on one of his recent tweets and you'll beg for 2015 again after suffering through the replies.
  10. I found those weekly tournaments actually refreshing, albeit I think they put too much money into them.
  11. Who knows, maybe they'll move up the reveal date sooner now, it's not like we're going to have any big expo's any time soon.
  12. Oh I didn't read the article yet, I just saw some people alluding to that, and to me it's painfully unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, an H2C event might be something worth watching as long as there's no Lockout TS XD.

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