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  1. I can already feel like I'm gonna get enraged by all the cheese, i mainly play the Halo 5 2v2 playlist now and it's a nice balance IMO. There's just thrust, no radar and no abilities otherwise. Like what happened to gun skill and movement? Ugh. And yes I know classic Halo exists but I'm dead bored of it.
  2. Here's some info on what's happening 16~ months from now: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/happy-halodays-2020 It's just sad at this point lol.
  3. This video shouldn't really be used 'against' him at this point IMO, a lot of people did stuff like this and even worse back then. I don't think the character of a 16/17 year old on XBL back then defines the character of someone now. Not excusing the allegations though.
  4. The tease we get from marketing that was already set up prior to the delay is painful. Infinite is on the Series X product page, the Series X packaging, monster cans, Oreos etc. if I was 343 I'd have at least given the public more by now, because now you have all this promotional shit for a game that has no realese date and we barely know anything about it LOL. I wouldn't wanna be the poor sap who hadda make the decision to vaguely delay the game to "2021".
  5. I just find that if the tag is a short-ish "OG" tag and not XBL generated or dumb tags like sniperlover69, 90% of the time it's sweaty good players. Ever since they changed the gold requirement to 1 per xbox though - depending on the playlist - you never know if the XBL generated tag is a smurf or not; but seeing as the MCC population is so low, I tend to assume they're smurfs. It's actually been kind of crazy seeing the surge of smurfs over the last few years. I STILL oddly see them all the time in Halo 5, despite menke making them redundant after like 2 placement matches. I guess people just don't realise how the system works or something.
  6. I guess I'm moreso flabbergasted that they're in the situation where they need a significant amount of time to show anything other than they did. If it was to be released in November I wouldn't expect this 6 or 12 months or whatever is some complete overhaul. I dunno.
  7. I've just realised that it has been 3 months since we saw 5 minutes of gameplay after 5 years of nothing. Didn't they say we would be given more info within the month? It was supposed to be released in 3 weeks. This whole situation is weird, covid or no covid. I'm actually kind of bitter honestly.
  8. It seems strange to me that all these orgs would announce involvement if infinite was 12 months out. We must be looking at a spring or summer release.
  9. https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingFrailDeerDatBoi hehe
  10. You guys have to remember that the competitive community is a tiny niche subset of the Halo community. Yes, this infinite situation is a disaster, and yes the HCS situation is god awful too, but I highly doubt Halo as a whole is doing SO BADLY that MS would move the IP to another studio.
  11. I hate when other games do that. Love the consistency. Halo 5 aside ffs.
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/HelplessSnappyCoyoteKAPOW :/
  13. I didn't realise how, outside of the competitive niche, the skill gap in Halo in general can be massive. Ignoring the fact that it's snipedown and aim assist, it's still pretty telling because these streamers are lost lol. I guess I forgot how bad people can be is what I'm trying to say.
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