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  1. I used to see GregxR in Halo 2 all the time, definitely a decent addition.
  2. It was shown as empty in the beginning because they literally hadn't opened the doors yet.
  3. I agree we need something fresh, I just don't really like his tone. It's like he's lumping everything Halo related as "old", like it'll always be "old" and "Just Halo." Regarding his last point: Shitty innovation is in a large part what caused Halo to falter.
  4. I really wish he would have kept at it, but he said he wasn't getting that many viewers on Apex, so that's probably why he switched back to Fortnite sadly. I really expected the Apex train to last longer than it did among top streamers. I'm so fucking sick of Fortnite man.
  5. I've never seen anyone crouch mid fight in Halo: CE ever.
  6. That's supposed to be "Pro League?" What the hell were they doing they just kept letting him snipe them lmao
  7. Speaking of silence... Things aren't looking that great.
  8. BRO HE WALKED RIGHT PASSED IT. It was literally right in there 2 feet behind him. If you read the twitter comments some guy says he constantly betrays people and his tag is BAN. I wouldn't be surprised if that was just plain stating.
  9. I have to agree, I don't give a shit about Halo right now to be frank. I'll probably watch LAN's but I really don't care that much anymore. Instead I'm watching popular streamers play Apex Legends etc. I had a feeling this would happen and I'm actually quiet surprised so many people had faith that classic Halo would bring in a resurgence tbh.
  10. TBF, pre-patch Halo 2 was so bad. I also distinctly remember Rippon and a bunch of other people hating the game because of its drastic difference to Halo 1 and how it was a "noobified Halo." Always kind of wondered what would have made a good sequel to them. .....wonder what they think about Halo 4/5 xD.
  11. I’m so glad FPS Ninja is back with this. I actually wanna watch him now.

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