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  1. Off to a solid start. Not to be a pessimist but I had a feeling something like this would happen lmao.
  2. Not that I remember tbh. Should definitely be a replay if it happens on LAN.
  3. Does anyone know if shotzzy and renegade are going to STL? I'm really interested in how they do at a tournament in older halos.
  4. As a web dev, this is some great stuff guys! Glad to see SSL was updated
  5. Bro if the OGRES aren't the favourites to win at any 2v2 H1 LAN then clearly I need to tune into the Beach LAN more often because that's gotta be some God tier gameplay. Honestly hard to believe what people are saying.
  6. idk they were dominating in mcc h1 and dans in Australia, it's hard to imagine theyd lose on lan and real h1
  7. I mean, personally my standards are higher than dudes downing hotdogs, and no I don’t respect the craft hahaha. I think that’s where we differ. But yeah, it depends on your perception of “competitive”. I don’t think CoD’s main skill gap as you describe is intricate enough to claim as skillful. If it were on PC with less aim assist and all that, like CS or something, then I’d change my opinion. Still fun to watch though sometimes and I’m not undermining it’s success.
  8. Oh yeah I totally agree that it's successful and the CWL is great, I was only talking about those specific arguments as "skillful".
  9. When "map position/lines of sight" and "quick reaction time" start being used as a merit of skillful gameplay... Come on...while I can agree CoD can be fun to watch at times (as any game as popular will be when the crowd gets going), I just can't get behind seeing it as a good competitive game.
  10. If I were an EU player I'd prefer longer search times and only matching in EU than matching NA players on NA host. :/

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