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  1. I've "been acquainted with" moses since 2005. He's been through a lot in his life and I have my doubts it's anymore than a break from social media until he gets his headspace right and he's back in a good direction
  2. Why not just unban the banned account rather than let people make alts, am i missing something?
  3. I think I'm screwed, I cannot aim for shit in infinite, I'm dropping less than 8 kills a game. So I thought I was ass in general. Loaded up h5 and dropped a 20 bomb. So the question is, has my muscle memory been conditioned to account for heavy aim or is infinites aiming that bad?
  4. Literally nothing. Sprint is so slow it adds nothing, and clamber is so janky. He's not wrong though hahaha. 343 gave beyond fuel with this, and it does get tiring to read even if it's justified, although I'm guilty of it too
  5. I've accepted that big PC streamers will always think of Halo as an old joke of a game, and I don't you could ever fix this apart from input based MM. Halo will never be as big as it once was and Top streamers will always hate it.
  6. Anyone else feel like it's hard to tell visually that ypu're getting shot at, and hard to tell when you're about to die? This is the first Halo game that's made me feel like this and it's hard for me to articulate what I''m saying but on my One X it just feels visually inconsistent and choppy. I don't even care much for the gameplay but this kills it for me.
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/CoweringSquareCrabTBTacoLeft-32IBq4C0owauCHJP Mikwen saying something feels off with the aiming with this build and doesn't think it'll be reflective at launch. Personally the sniping is what feels the worst to me.
  8. The animation is the jankiest thing I've ever seen. It's like they decoded to put it in last minute
  9. I'm shocked Dr Lupo, Dr Disrespect and Tim even played the game. Were they paid? lol I wonder how negative the consensus was..
  10. Idk i just shut off my xbox because i was cross map commando'ing a kid and nothing registered but he hit every sidekick shot in .5 seconds. game sucks. boooo.
  11. I know it's one day but I'm kind of tilted they delayed it till tomorrow.
  12. I watch Shroud a lot. I can say with confidence he'll play the game for 1, maybe 2 days lol. I like Halo 5 still. >__> <__<
  13. I agree with some of his content but to be upset that he can't do a mechanic that's actually detrimental to do in any other game apart from Halo 2 is... I mean I get that it's habit, like ogre twitching, but geez.
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