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  1. So... TB is not even tweeting about the LatAm tournament? C'mon guys "help halo grow again"
  2. This is probably the wrong place to post this but f it. Oh and sorry if this is really ******** and pathetic, also like I said earlier my english is terrible. I was thinking about a new type of breakout, one where the objective, team play and team composition is actually what matters and not just kills, so a came with this idea: Objective: -Grab your bomb/flag, push and try to capture/plant it on the enemy base. -When you enter the arena one of your teammates needs to grab the objective so you need to protect him and make decision on where to go. Maps: -Based on other esports and past halo maps, they consist of 3 lanes, in the center of them there's a power weapon or a power up like a camo, hydra, caster(?), rockets(?),etc. Teams will need to think about their composition and where to go or push (who will go to each lane?, where and with who will the objective carrier go?, do we all push to middle, left, right lane? someone died in a lane, what do we do now?). -At first I came with this idea of a map, but later I realized some problems: The problem was that each team can grab a BR, a shotgun and grenades on their side, and with that they were probably gonna kill their enemies pretty quickly, and then the power weapons will just get ignored and make the game really boring to watch, just like what happens in the current maps. So I made it more simple: In this one there's no br's or shotguns on each side, instead they can be power weapons, so if you win the battle on your lane and grab your reward you can push or help another teammates and kill everybody or do the objective to win. :holmes: :ghost: Maybe this is just :trash:
  3. But seriously, I think breakout could work "better" with another type of objective, and well designed maps.
  4. I think with the coming new ball gametypes we can make breakout better, like imagine if there's a ball in the middle of the map, and you can throw the ball so far to your teammates or a certain area and if it lands there the announcer yells GOOOOAL!!! what do you guys think? Kappa
  5. Also, sorry for my really bad english. I learned the basic watching youtube videos and streams. Yeah... pathetic.
  6. Well, first of all super slide was not intended to exist, so I don't see why I would get mad if 343i decided to remove it; yeah, it was a cool mechanic but people rarely used it in matchmaking, also I've never seen a pro team use this "feature" in a tournament.
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