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  1. Not sure why no one is talking about it, but what do you all think about the leaks? For those who haven't heard: - Xbox Lockhart & Xbox Anaconda (Same console, but the Anaconda has better specs). - Halo: Infinite to be a launch title for the new systems (But also compatible on the Xbox One). Personally, it's pretty much exactly what I thought/hoped for. I am concerned with how they're going to keep/build the hype. Are they going to continue to ghost us until Infinite flights? Do they have anything planned for the current titles (Besides the presumed MCC on PC announcement at SXSW), or just try to rebuild the community and hype when the time draws nearer? I'm excited for the game but super concerned with how they plan on maintaining the community. We've gotten nothing since E3, and basically nothing from MCC since last year...
  2. Does anyone else want to see more maps/gametypes in H3 Hardcore? I know MLG v8 is great, but we really can't do better than Amplifed TS? I personally would like to see maybe another oddball map, the return of Guardian TS, and maybe some old-but-gold forge maps or new gametype-map combos. I just don't see any reason to not change a single map/gametype from 10 years ago...
  3. You guys are incredible. Super awesome to see these things. Can’t wait to see what you’re able to do in Infinite
  4. The new Waypoint post said that if you compete in the next 2 2v2’s and make it past the first round in at least one you qualify for a chance to be flown out and compete at SXSW. Who wants to join me?? The dates are Feb 2 and Feb 23 (Saturdays) in Salt Lake City. I’m definitely solid enough to not get first rounded lol, and I think we’d definitely have a shot to win. If anyone is down let me know ASAP.
  5. What do you mean “gimped”? With a large enough map and average shield health (like in H5 Breakout), individual skill plays even when outmatched happen all the time.
  6. I’m curious to see how you all feel about round-based gametypes in competitive Halo. One of my favorite things about the CoD Pro Circuit is Round 11 SnD. I know similar things have been tried and failed in past Halo’s but I would still love to see a Breakout-like gametype make it’s way into Halo Infinite competitions. I personally have gotten tired of watching and playing the same 15 minute Flag and KotH games happen over and over, with the same pushes, setups, and results for the past 10 years, and I think a round-based game would mix things up and give us something new to enjoy in Halo. There’s also more possibility of “hero” moments. As great as incredible teamshotting and coordinated push plays can be, I’d love to see a 1v3 clutch to win a game/series at an event. What do you think? Is there any room for round-based Halo in competitive play, or at all in Halo? If you think there is, what would that gametype look like to you?
  7. Well it's been over 3 years, but let's see if any of you still game. I live in Boise right now; add me if you're a fellow potato (or if you just want to team up in H3 Hardcore): CaLm 623
  8. Thanks for listening and reaching out to the community. Keep posting player/fan content (i.e., the Ac7ionMan fail and the snip from Snipedown's stream on HCS Twitter). Also, would love to see a Halo eSports Instagram that mentions upcoming "grassroot" tournaments and shows off players highlight clips and content, kind of like a Bleacher Report/ House of Highlights, but for Halo. Also tell the rest of 343 to get news out faster and more consistently haha.
  9. This means Puckett might be back to cast Halo since he works for Activision
  10. I thought our rank was supposed to reset every new month? Or is it every 31-so days?
  11. FFA seems to be the easiest to get Onyx in. Currently Diamond 3 in Arena, Diamond 1 in Slayer, Onyx and FFA, and I haven't played a single game of SWAT or Breakout yet. I would agree though, it is too easy to get a high rank in H5.
  12. The good news is that I went 11-16 a few games later. Obviously we're all learning the game, but there's a definite skill gap here
  13. Just went 26-3 with a rampage on my first ever game Loving this game so far
  14. REKT Honestly good point though. 2 Hours to go!!
  15. Mine's at 46.1. Am I good or should I reinstall it?
  16. New campaign footage is sick! Looks way fun. Only thing I see is at 1:24 of the Swords of Sanghelios gameplay, your teammates look pretty useless as there is a jackal right next to Vale that no one is shooting at. Maybe they get better on higher difficulties though.
  17. Noticed that also. Only 2 people got infected the whole game I played on Valhalla braaaains. And on snowbound you can just run out of the boundaries and re spawn when you run out of ammo or if there are too many people chasing you, so it's almost impossible to lose if you know what you're doing. Last problem I've seen is no medals in H2A 95% of the time. I got my first killionaire + 40 kills spree and neither show up in my medals (little salty lol but that's what game dvr is for). Most of the time medals only show up in like he last minute of a round, but usually they don't show up at all. Also why does no one vote for H3 in Infection? I probably play it 5-10% of the time. Maybe just my opinion, but braaaains is one of my favorite game types ever (speed demons on Valhalla is also amazing), and Ranked Living Dead in H3 was no doubt one of my favorite playlists everrr. H2A and H4 are incredibly easy and boring regardless whether you're a zombie or human. Idk I was hoping for that nostalgic experience when I saw Infection coming back, but whatevs. /rant I guess
  18. Has anyone been able to play MM after this update? I'm stuck at the "Downloading Latest Data" screen for MM and can't play EDIT: hard reset and now it works:)
  19. Really hope there is a "None" option for assassinations. At least once every few games of H4 I do it on accident and get killed for it.
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