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  1. Hey! If anyone would ever be interested in learning H1 2v2s, I would like to get together and setup some future LANS. I live around the MKE area. I know very little of H1 and never got the chance to play it competitively during its' glory days. I've competed in H3 MLG events(under a different name) and have a very competitive mind-set to shooters. Trying to learn and trying to have some classic halo fun.
  2. when its a halo 1 map it should be h1 pistol start and when its a halo 2/3 map it should be h2 br start
  3. Trying to get into competitive and I need people to play 8s/2v2s late at night. Looking for somewhat new players to grind with and learn halo 5 before season 2. I want to use Discord to organize our 8s. Plus voice chat on xbox live is booty and discord is decent but also better than xbl chat. https://discordapp.com/download I made a server and here is the invite to join, https://discord.gg/0rlebhRNGLnukV3a , simply copy and paste this URL into your discord program to join or click it and the web browser of discord will open. I am bad at H5 and I am welcoming anyone to join to play late night 8s/2v2s. Mics pls. Or if someone reads my post and is already doing what I'm doing pls invite me lol. @NextLvLNerd
  4. Arena & Warzone Just looking to always group with people! GT - NextLvLNerd Add me!
  5. SWEEET FUCKING JESUS CAN I FINALLY PLAY HALO 5 NOW? Thanks for the post, I will try this out right now.
  6. Meadowlands 08 First and only Halo Event I know how to work with teammates and communicate Working on my shot for the past week and ready to party/group up with people Anyone reading this and just to be friends and play arena/customs, pls do so and add me Trying to make a come back to H5, I love the game GT - NextLvLNerd Twitter - @NextLvLNerd
  7. Just about everyday I will play 2v2 CTF warm-up and I am looking for people on my list that will play to warm up with. I know my day will get better if I could instantly find players to warm-up with before I arena grind. Onyx player. Please add me! GT - NextLvLNerd @NextLvLNerd Twitch.tv/NextLvLNerd
  8. NextLvLNerd Midwest Diamond player looking to group up mm.customs, please add me!
  9. Trying to run BR start and Pistol start FFAs or arena or warzone right now. Message NextLvLNerd.
  10. Lets just start adding each other first then worry about getting full lobbies. Keep adding each other.
  11. Trying to get a few BR/AR or Pistol/AR FFA customs going now. Message me for inv! Diamond 2 TS GT - NextLvLNerd NA
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