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  1. Once you get a proper job you'll be working far longer than 40 hour weeks. Best suck it up mate, this is what you've got to look forward to for the next 40 years of your life.

    I'm doing about 55-60 a week now. Just want to find something with set/lower hours

  2. Okay so I started a job while out of school for the summer(I'm 20). It was alright , a basic 40 hr job. Just a lot of hard work since I'm loading trucks all day in a non air conditioned warehouse. Anyway, for the past two weeks they have sent me to another loading dock and been making me work 55-60 hour weeks. This has bugged me since I do still want a life and usually have plans during the evening, but decided it won't go on long and just stick it through. Today I find out ill have to keep doing this until I'm done with this job. I asked them why I'm the only one having to stay over there and work this and everyone else from my original dock doesn't, they say because I'm summer help. So I was thinking about finding another job, one that would not be so long of hours and better fit for me. Just didnt know if I'm being a pansy about this, or actually have a valid reason for wanting another job.

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