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  1. I have another one lined up, that I could work at into my time at university
  2. I'm doing about 55-60 a week now. Just want to find something with set/lower hours
  3. Okay so I started a job while out of school for the summer(I'm 20). It was alright , a basic 40 hr job. Just a lot of hard work since I'm loading trucks all day in a non air conditioned warehouse. Anyway, for the past two weeks they have sent me to another loading dock and been making me work 55-60 hour weeks. This has bugged me since I do still want a life and usually have plans during the evening, but decided it won't go on long and just stick it through. Today I find out ill have to keep doing this until I'm done with this job. I asked them why I'm the only one having to stay over there and work this and everyone else from my original dock doesn't, they say because I'm summer help. So I was thinking about finding another job, one that would not be so long of hours and better fit for me. Just didnt know if I'm being a pansy about this, or actually have a valid reason for wanting another job.
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