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  1. This halo 1 stream is beautiful and the most I've enjoyed watching halo in ages. Props to everyone involved in making it happen.
  2. I know that someone saw frankie at lax and went up to him and said "fix mcc."
  3. Inside Sources Confirm Halo 6 Will Be Returning to WWII Style Gameplay 343 Industries have been working diligently on the new installment in the Halo series following Halo 5, appropriately titled Halo 6. The game will surely make many exhale deeply while they wish a Halo 3 Anniversary had been released in the year prior. Fans of the series cannot wait to see what happens with Cortana and the other guys. We got a behind the scenes look at the development process on Halo 6, and we’re happy to report that 343 are returning to the WWII style of gameplay that fans remember. For years 343 have been accused of making Halo more like Call of Duty, but 343 are here to prove those people wrong. They are excited to reveal a gameplay trailer at E3 showcasing Halo’s return to its purest form: no thrust, no jetpack, just good old fashioned sprint and aim down sights Halo. Let us know in the comments how excited you are!
  4. Now MCC is the second worst tragedy that has happened in my life thanks to my love of Halo. " The Following Errors Were Found The member Beyond App cannot receive any new messages This personal message has not been sent"
  5. BREAKING: ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG FINDS IDEAL COMPETITIVE HALO SETTINGS SCRIBBLED ON INSIDE OF 2007 HIGH SCHOOL SPANISH TEXTBOOK A team of archaeologists digging through a landfill in the middle of the Pacific Ocean uncovered a startling text on Wednesday. A Spanish 2 textbook from 2007, high school unknown, was discovered among the human waste. On the inside of the front cover where students usually sign their names, this book had a depiction of the Master Chief with a few sonnets that English professors are saying may be ascribed to the poet Breaking Benjamin. Famed linguist Noam Chomsky from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to make sense of a small paragraph scribbled in the bottom right hand corner of the inside cover. He believes it may have read something like this: “The Necessities of Competitive Halo 1. No Radar 2. No Autos” Professor Chomsky then went on to express his profound adoration for the Arena FPS genre and pointed out that it functions on the basic principles of libertarian socialism. When we attempted to contact the head of the HCS, we couldn’t figure out who it was. So instead we contacted Ske7ch and he had this to say: “The team has been made aware!” Hopefully that means things are happening. Maybe. Please?
  6. 343 Released the Schedule for Summer Pro League, but it’s on a French Revolutionary Calendar Now that the HWC tent has been taken down, it’s time to look ahead at the 2017 Summer Pro League. 343 were gracious enough to give us a peek at the schedule for the pro league, but it’s on a French Revolutionary calendar so we’re still figuring it out. The French Revolutionary calendar was developed after France deposed King Louis and decided to do away with the Gregorian calendar. It was only in place for a few years, but for some reason it seems 343 rely on it heavily in their office. It appears that the first games in the online pro league will be on 2 Prairial CCXXV. For all of you rostermania lovers, we can reasonably expect the last chance qualifier to be played around 18 Floreal CCXXV. Once the season begins, each 10 day week should have matches on sextidi, septidi, and octidi. The last week of Messidor will be an exciting time as we lead up to championship decadi. While constantly converting between the Gregorian and French Revolutionary calendar is not too difficult of a task, it’s just another event in a long series that leave us wondering, “Why, 343? Why?”
  7. I agree, but I wish those maps just always came up. I get so sick of citadel, isolation, and longshore in the snipers playlist that I pray for narrows/pit hill. And it is extremely disappointing that the snipers playlist still doesn't have construct in it. And in halo 2 they don't even have beaver creek, lockout, or sanctuary in the snipers playlist.
  8. This is hilarious. Immediately made me want to contact sprint customer support.
  9. I was in the area today and decided to see what the setup looked like after all the drama. Props to the crowd because I could hear them from a block away. Nv/og were just starting. Also, I've been to the esl studio in burbank before. It's a nice place for things like a caster desk for an online league or something like that, but for the world championship it's just crazy. Thing that upsets me most is I assume 343 reserved the best seats for 343/microsoft employees because that's what they did last year at worlds. If someone paid to go and ended up in the tent while employees were there just to spectate, that's wrong.
  10. Takes a few weeks for your aim to get back to where you were. Pretty sure I just played a lot of team snipers and it helped me get used to aiming while clawing. Not sure why, but scufs aren't comfortable to me.
  11. Cratos and Naded Team Sponsored by Rare Form of Staph Infection After giving the boot to Pnda Gaming, Showtime and some other people sought refuge under TMMT’s umbrella to help finance their trip to worlds. TMMT stands for The Money Matches Team and has been creeping around the esports scene for somewhere between 1 and 12 years. Their purpose has been a mystery. The original host of the company was a tall man named Zach with an assortment of body art. Zach found himself in the spotlight of the Halo community after supporting professional Halo players and bullying children on internet forums for the better part of 2 years. A team of scientists recently ran tests on TMMT and Zach and discovered that the company is in fact a rare form of staph infection that gets under the skin. If left untreated, the infection will spread to the blood and affect the amount of oxygen traveling to the brain. Once it becomes apparent an individual has been infected, not going to the doctor is a real gamble. Good luck, Naded.
  12. I apologize for writing this. ESL Squeezed by Big Pants For over a year now, scheduling, rules, and the general decisions regarding certain tournaments have baffled the 37 dedicated competitive Halo fans. After one rule was implemented, it became all too obvious who was behind these issues. During 2016, ESL began ruthlessly forcing Halo players (and sometimes spectators) to begin wearing matching pants. These heinous crimes made it apparent that some classic journalism might uncover the true nature of the human rights abuses committed by ESL. A crack team of investigators discovered that ESL’s parent company Modern Times Group’s Chairman is none other than David Chance. A little known fact about Chairman Chance is his familial relationship to the Strauss family. Levi Strauss was in fact his great great uncle on his mother’s side. Chance has a large financial interest in both Levi Strauss & Co. and their subsidiary, Dockers. We asked some figures from the Halo community their thoughts on this development. “I went to an event and got told we’d be playing at 12, then find out we’re scheduled for 10:30. We sprint to the venue, but I fell and my pants ripped. We all had to buy new pants because of that rule. They were dockers. Son of a bitch.” Anonymous Amateur Halo Player “** ** ******** *** * **** **** ****** **** ***** *** *** ***** ****” Cooper “People always questioned what I did for the Halo community. I’ll be honest, I spent too much time fighting the pants rules and not enough time listening to settings concerns.” Che Chou Assistant Manager, Arby’s
  13. If you supported your fellow team beyond users and followed me on twitter you would have seen me retweet it 5 days ago.
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