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  1. http://m.ign.com/articles/2018/01/09/343-hints-that-there-will-be-no-halo-6-this-year
  2. I don't have a gaming PC so I'm playing on Xbox One. I just have to get used to leading my shots again. And get the building down. I get caught out in the open to much and can't build fast enough.
  3. Have any of you all played Fortnite? I'm still terrible at it but that shit is legit.
  4. If it performs well online I'd be all for this.
  5. Is it just me or is the shot registration terrible on this game? I'll put half a clip in some people and they just turn and mow me down and on the kill cam is like they've taken no damage.
  6. Why are y'all arguing with this Larry guy? He's an obvious troll seeking attention.
  7. Before or after that map looks like shit
  8. Oh yes it no doubt has issues, but it doesn't have Sprint or SAs and those are what ruined Halo in the first place. And unlike BC H3 my shots register.
  9. The H2 anniversary BR and Snipe were just as easy to use as these are.
  10. The BR shoots straight, the sniper is the same one used in HCS so you argument is invalid there. The radar has been in every none competitive playlist since Halo has been on Xbox live. The spawn are terrible in every Halo 5 playlist. And the game types are the same ones from Halo 3 no big surprise in a Halo 3 playlist.
  11. I don't know why the classic playlist is getting so much negativity? Is literally better than anything we've had in years.
  12. I don't like the spread but it seemed better than everyone and their brothers getting perfects left and right.
  13. So I guess they went the extra mile on this Halo 3 classic playlist then LOL.
  14. So I haven't tested this but does the BR have spread or just a true burst fire weapon now? Cause I'm not seeing the problem with the latter if all 3 bullets land in the same spot if the reticle is stationary.
  15. It may just be me but if heavy aim assist it what it takes for consistent aiming so be it.
  16. I like the BR more than the pistol, that may make me bad but my my reticle doesn't go haywire near as often with it.
  17. The fact that you want more skins to pay money for is what baffles me.
  18. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2017/08/20/halo-5-and-quantum-break-getting-free-4k-updates-for-xbox-one-x.aspx What I don't get is are other games getting a 4k update going to be charging money? Cause if not calling it free for these games is dumb as fuck.
  19. My Gamertag is a Numb Thumb now and the inspiration came from a few years back when I had a logging accident and cut the front side of my thumb with a Chainsaw. The only thing I could do while I was healing was play Halo but the thumb had such nerve damage that it was literally numb. It's still partly numb but not like it was back then.
  20. With them doing 14 weapons and camo. And them showing 3 weapons a week I expect test playlist out in about 3 more weeks then it to run during all of Fall. The the FALL update to be like right before winter.
  21. It's literally on the verge of fall and we are still waiting on the test playlist. So fucking stupid.

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