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  1. Been like that for years. There's a clip in my old posts from probably 2 years ago of a nade bouncing off to the side of "flat" ground at top mid on Coli. Way too much geometry.
  2. It's a tough choice between Never Forget and Blue Team, but NF has so much nostalgia and so many memories I think it'll be my favorite forever.
  3. That's awesome. I figured he was found via just grinding cause I hadn't heard of him before. Does he have a Twitter?
  4. Haven't been on here in like a year.. Lol what's up. So, who is this Renegade dude? The way he plays is so awesome to watch
  5. The 50-40 is the "half steak". Apparently a half steak is a thing.
  6. Hopefully they just remember all the other series' they've played this week where they've done really good. CLG are an entirely different beast to any other team so I hope, whatever happens tonight, they don't dwell too hard on it.
  7. 3 games in and people already spewing out their apparently 100% correct analysis' everywhere haha man people get crazy when Ninja is involved
  8. Man SnakeBite is on fire it seems. Swear he isn't missing any shots lol.
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