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  1. I think you can rely on the hype for the next game the year before it’s release. Sure, MCC events and excitement will die down eventually, but I think we’ll start to see more Infinite intel around that time. That should keep the community engaged until launch.
  2. I wasn’t having any problems during the time you posted. I did get kicked from a game for no reason, however. I’m in CST.
  3. My favorite combination is two shots into the corpse from a few feet away, then walking up to the body and pulling a number 2 followed by a quick number 3.
  4. How's the doubles playlist? Is it okay while running with a friend?
  5. I think the DMR in or out argument is fair, but I also think we can find a compromise or collaborate to find a new option that satisfies most everyone. For instance, what if we lowered the amount of rounds that the DMR spawns with and bumped up the respawn time (a little more)? The Evolved DMR is a 4sk right? We could put 16 rounds in it at spawn and expect, at most, four perfect kills against full shielded opponents and maybe six against weak shielded players. Also, if the general lifespan per player spawn is shorter in Evolved than in regular settings (which I think I saw some people say it is), we know that realistically any given player won't be able to obliterate the other team very easily. If you bump up the respawn time for the weapon there is a good chance it will only be in play three or four times a game. This way, the DMR is still in, but it now has limited ammo and time in play.
  6. I've been lurking for a little over a year now. I finally decided to hop on board the TB train. Glad to be here!

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