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  1. Downloading the PC version today, I have no idea where I put my 360. Good ass times were had on this game. GT is Irish DTX.
  2. Given that there's a chance, however small, that this may be the competitive title, not having button glitches is a pretty goddamn big deal.
  3. -Interactive elements on the maps that are entirely unnecessary and uninteresting. (Why does that waterfall on Sanc exist?) -Lack of button glitches aka a pretty major part of the skill gap. -The choice of maps. -The traces of H4 left over (I hope there aren't medals for everything. Rocket Kill? Come on. Hit markers, nade indicators, etc). Everything else is cool though. Looks and sounds beautiful, BR and sniper especially.
  4. TIL you didn't have to take your thumb off of the analog stick that controls your aim in order to execute button glitches unless you claw. Trying to say Scufs don't give a ******** advantage is absurd. The only consolation is that they can't make up for players being bad at the game itself (which is actually arguable given that an X/Y paddle configuration could turn the BR into an SMG).
  5. Can't wait till everyone puts various combinations of X/Y/B on their paddles and thinks they were gods at H2 all along.
  6. I'm now unable to join any game. Everything else works fine, I can start a custom, play campaign, etc. Tried ~10 different lobbies, nothing. I did get mumble set up, though. Edit: Of course as soon as I post this, I'm able to join my next 2 games. ._.
  7. Will do, thanks for the help. If anyone needs one more for customs, my GT is Irish DTX.
  8. Yeah, everything seems to be working fine. Is there something else I need to do, or am I set?
  9. It won't take the product key. Something about "You've exceeded the usage allotted for this key" or something along those lines. This occurs on the final sign in, after merging both the registries (Windows 7 64 bit).
  10. I literally never claimed to be good at this game. An exact quote would be "I've been proficient in every Halo but 3". In fact, I made this topic because I'm kinda not. Not sure what kind of science I'm trying to put into it besides "the aiming system feels sticky because of the awful way it was designed, and it's hard to get used to". Read the topic before you pull a shitty attempt at an argument bait like that please. :^)
  11. I may have worded that poorly, but I most certainly did not contradict myself. Again: people are not understanding that coaches are not weapon spawn/callout bots. They have a massive out of game impact as well.
  12. The hitscan isn't even the issue for me. Like I said, the only Halo I've played in the last couple of months besides half a game of 4 is CE. I'm starting to get more and more used to the aiming, now I just have to overcome the terrible hit registration. I have yet to play a 50 high game without a terrible host. Literally lost a CTF game in overtime because they scored a flag after my beatdown failed to register and kill the runner. I don't understand, I've had FiOS for 6 years, why don't I eat shots ):
  13. Definitely gunna try to get this working tonight. GT: Irish DTX
  14. I'm not even quoting that, I'm just going to use numbers. 1) I personally don't feel we need to split the credit. This topic is split between two distinct mindsets. The people who think coaches shouldn't be allowed seem to not necessarily consider coaches part of the team, while the opposite is true for the opposite mindset. 2) That also shows how ignorant the current Halo community is. This topic shouldn't even have to exist. 3) I used a ton of random usernames on the MLG forums, none of which had Irish in them, but I've used Irish as my tag since Halo 2. 4) I personally loved ZBNS Reach and think it's far superior to H3 as a competitive game. All it needed was better disc maps. Default Reach, however, was less fun than colon cancer.
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