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  1. One night without big name scrims and this shit show happens. MEME TEAM SAVE US.
  2. Sorry for lame question guys, but what time is the finals? Just got back from spring break and am driving to campus, can't really do my own research atm :/.
  3. Just now tuned in, hearing Pucketts voice casting brings the nostalgia.
  4. Idk what Crim said, but from what I've seen COD pros have shown nothing but support and excitement for halo. Everyone talking about how hype the finals were at X games.
  5. Part of me felt this way, but another part of me remembers how EG always shows up on LAN in the big moments.
  6. Commonly staying alive at the end of that Plaza won them that game. Dude is playing very well.
  7. Is Towey casting the series or just a game? I feel like he'd be excellent, seems to be a really well spoken guy.
  8. Definitely an Allegiance fan after watching them play Liquid yesterday. I've always liked Nadeds stream and his YouTube videos are funny, but it always seemed like he was negative guy in competition and he always seemed to nerd rage in matches. Haven't had much of a chance to watch Allegiance from their POV or even hear how they communicate, but after hearing those listen-ins and the intensity and focus that allegiance is playing with, it's hard not to be a fan of that.
  9. You don't have to be a dick about it, @@Mikwen is a pretty chill dude and contributes around here regularly. Criticizing is one thing, but there's no need to just trash on people who haven't done anything to warrant it.
  10. I thought that some of the more inexperienced players held up well on LAN today. Stellur and Commonly definitely stood out IMO. Both of those players are definitely living up to the hype that other pros have been saying. But this is only the 1st day, let's see how well they do the rest of X-games. I really hope they keep up with what they've been doing, both are really exciting to watch.
  11. It was fun sitting in a Skype call with friends today just watching the games going on. Even though CLG vs whoever tf they played was rough to get through, the other matches were still decently exciting with 3-0 sweeps going on.
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