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  1. Just getting back into halo after taking the summer off. Add Clutchy
  2. I can't wait to get home and try this. That basement jump on Rig is awesome!
  3. Welcome to the site my dude. Feel free to add me on xbl good luck with your community. This is a good place to find people
  4. http://eglx.ca/ April 29- May 1st Toronto, Canada I will have a team pass
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOO Im working and I have the HCS in the background wasnt watching but all I could hear is Benson squealing like a pig. Had to of been unreal. I have watched Benson cast CoD and when he squeals you know its goooood. Damn
  6. Some people are new here and that's the only way to get your rep up. Not going to lie half of my rep is from memes and most of my relevant replies are not credited.
  7. Can't replay! Would cause much more of a problem especially if a team like RNG would win the second time around. Red team will take the advantage Team Liquid be like
  8. None of these matches should have been played without the proper equipment. It is not fair for a gamer to play every game/qualifier with a proper headset and then be handicapped at the event with earbuds. I know @@Vetoed always plays with earbuds but that's probably a hair problem more then anything. No other pro gamer doesn't use a headset. I also noticed that last week Ninja was using buds to get used to the change. The MLG crew worked hard throughout the night to build soundproof booths. Ill pray for that...
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