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  1. I'm still the best player in Michigan
  2. boo0m

    OT Thread of OT

    Yeah, I probably would have died....
  3. boo0m

    OT Thread of OT

    Dude, we need to game soon!!
  4. boo0m

    OT Thread of OT

    @@CyReN, I hate you for not accepting my invites.
  5. boo0m

    OT Thread of OT

    If you're there more than 2 days, i agree.
  6. Down 12.4 lbs in 3 weeks... Just drinking a lot of water and eating a very low cal diet along with working out 5 days a week. fuxin with this tomorrow, everyone has a Monday chest day. Well, i have a Monday leg day and i usually cant walk Tuesday and Wednesday. Bench - 205 (4 reps of 5) Incline - 200 (4 reps of 5) Decline - 190 (4 reps of 5) Pec flys (random weight/pyramid) I try to do push ups between sets but it fuck gasses me hard.
  7. boo0m

    OT Thread of OT

    Ah how i love Project Free TV and AdBlock.
  8. I came over here to Pennsylvania for work, from Michigan AKA The Great Lakes, very good tap water where i was at. Sad days..
  9. Yeah, i'm trying to get away from it so i'm drinking a lot less. The Perrier is a nice to have at night sometimes, other than that, I drink the water that comes from my Brita.
  10. Yeah, I use Perrier carbonated water with the Mio water flavoring to get the "soda" effect. I'm really enjoying it. Oh and I predicted she would get knocked up in a Stickam one night, i think EpicName has it somewhere.

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