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  1. What equipment lets me shoot around corners? I want it. Seems like everyone else already has it.
  2. I really wish I could find the secret to make this game not feel horrible on a controller. Especially with the pistol. This feels way worse than any other game it makes no sense.
  3. Maybe if 343 didn't make all their UIs for freaking tablets they would have more of this space they so desperately need.
  4. A good chunk of that 6 years was for a new engine and at some point multiple people left so it was probably a mess. Also LOL @ the halo subreddit being locked down. I cannot believe they actually said the need to see about "feasibility" of a TEAM SLAYER playlist in a Halo game. That's like not putting TDM in COD.
  5. 343 is on something if they think I'm doing all these "win x" matches when I can't even pick the gametype I want to play.
  6. I don't understand what 343s obsession with moving the objective is but the flag and the stockpile spawns need to stay put in BTB. Same with vehicles just showing up wherever.
  7. The pistol/AR starts in BTB stop it from being really good. Especially on that nighttime map.
  8. As in I got get 10 kills with something in a match and the challenge says I only got like 4. Also I'm on my PC.
  9. Getting tired of challenge progression straight-up not working. Been stuck at 4/15 warthog gunner kills for almost 2 days now.
  10. I have literally no event challenges. I used 3 swaps and none still showed up.
  11. Fiesta is just people grappling around with a sword. Also Idk wtf they were thinking putting Banshees and scorpion tanks in there.
  12. I went 28 and 12 with 21 assists in a CTF game and get the same amount of xp as the guy who was the lowest on the scoreboard. They better fix this crap quick.
  13. I have a lot more fun in BR fights than people spamming the pistol or spraying ARs.
  14. The Twitch chat for these tournies so far have been literally nothing but kb/m vs controller arguments.
  15. This battlepass progression is pretty scuffed if I can be mvp three games in a row and only go from rank 1 to like 2.5. You should get xp for how many medals you get along with challenges and staying in matches without quitting.
  16. As long as there are enough people playing the game to keep playlists populated, no one should give two shits about how many people play any game.
  17. Why the hell is the only way to have a BR start to play Ranked?
  18. No firefight or co op either. And I almost guarantee there won't be a customs browser at launch.
  19. People would play Halo 2 more if things like spawning next to the whole other team by yourself didn't happen. But 343 can't be bothered to fix that when they were too busy adding more halo 3 armors.
  20. I'd rather have Halo 5 lootboxesthan this. I never spent a cent on anything in that game and didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.
  21. What about people who planned on buying the game anyway and had no interest in it being f2p? It doesn't benefit them at all.
  22. Yeah should have been Needler starts
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