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  1. I'd rather have Halo 5 lootboxesthan this. I never spent a cent on anything in that game and didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.
  2. What about people who planned on buying the game anyway and had no interest in it being f2p? It doesn't benefit them at all.
  3. Yeah should have been Needler starts
  4. Do we count MCC as a game? Because I'm pretty sure that was DOA.
  5. Another "beta" for a game that comes out in a month. At least 343 does theirs with enough to to fix/change stuff.
  6. From now on when I see some idiot try to tell me you should have to "fight" for the BR like it's a power weapon instead of spawning with one I'm gonna point of that the postgame stats don't count the BR as a power weapon.
  7. Was that seriously a sniper glare on the fucking BR?
  8. Why are we still matching groups when searching solo in 2021?
  9. How would 343 stop groups of friends playing together? 🤣 Same thing can happen in ANY fps out there. A guy actually said this to me on Waypoint in a thread about party restrictions.
  10. I really think the Halo subreddit is actually worse than Waypoint as far as opinions on the game go.
  11. Pistol sucks and needs buffed. AR is too good and needs nerfed. Needler sucks Plasma pistol is almost h2-tier going around corners. Also the BR bullets like to follow you around corners. That needs changed. Doesn't happen with the pistol or Commando from what I've seen.
  12. Elite V2 controller is the most fragile controller I've ever owned. Which is stupid considering it costs $200. Other than that it's good but I like the paddles on a Scuf more. Elite ones are too sensitive. Took a long time top get used to not touching them by just squeezing the controller too much.
  13. Always remember it could be worse. It could be Overwatch.
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