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  1. It's really stupid how you can't search social 4v4 if you have more than 4 people.
  2. It's the only one that actually works more than 5 feet away
  3. Imagine if Halo Infinite ended up not getting delayed and was Cyberpunk-tier broken
  4. Wasn't Infinite originally supposed to come out today with the launch of the new Xbox?
  5. Saw that this thread had the "hot" icon next to it thinking 343 finally dropped some worthwhile Halo news or something but nope just some smoothbrains arguing back and forth about nothing.
  6. Just because someone left the studio does not mean the game is having development issues. Let's talk facts, not blatant assumptions and wild hyperbole.
  7. PR people are usually the last people you want to listen to from a company
  8. Only things we've really been told about Infinite since the reveal is that it got delayed and you can't pick your own colors.
  9. Yeah playing H4 BTB is like beating up on toddlers.
  10. But I'm not banned on there. I wouldn't have any reason to be either.
  11. Well I guess I'm not playing the H4 flight because I'm banned for literally 500 years in it. No idea why and I can still play the main MCC.
  12. I forgot about instant respawn. They were were going for SpaceCOD in that game
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