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  1. Way to kill the hype for it. I get that there was no set timeframe but that's roughly 2 months after 343 was saying it will most likely begin.
  2. Republic Commando was basically Halo 5 but good.
  3. How many times do people have to tell you that controlling the map and weapons are part of being "good" at Halo?
  4. It's actually crazy how many more people talk on PC games than on consoles. Especially considering Xbox's and PS4's come with mics.
  5. Is anyone else not able to get a verification email for the insider program? I keep resending it but I haven't gotten one.
  6. I find that really hard to believe unless you only play CE with people who run around with ARs out and flashlights on
  7. I never understood why 343 didn't put the TU into everything in Reach originally. It made the game 100% better.
  8. So if it's on Steam does that mean I don't need Windows 10?
  9. I wish they would implement a feature to tell you visually and audibly where the flag was and if someone dropped it. That would be really handy.
  10. The only maps worth a shit in H3 outside of BTB are Guardian and The Pit. Also Snowbound and Epitaph are some of the worst maps in the series period.
  11. Someone tried arguing with me that Halo 3 is more skillful than CE because since CE has health that doesn't regenerate, you will eventually die no matter what.
  12. Derelict is the best CE map and Damnation/Chill Out are overrated no @
  13. https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47569 So I guess Bungie split with Activision and gets to keep full rights to Destiny. Hopefully this will be a good thing for the game. Honestly I don't think they should have ever paired with them in the first place.

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