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  1. Why the hell can I not use actual default CE controllers on an Xbox controller?
  2. H2A is a neutered Halo 2 and whenever I would play, it just made me want to play normal H2 instead.
  3. CE flights when? I can't play my Steam backlog forever.
  4. I doubt H6 will be no sprint, but it wouldn't a huge shock if it didn't. We are finally moving past CoD-clones that plagued shooters back in 2007.
  5. So where's the gameplay at? Game comes out in a year and we have seen none at all. Pretty Halo 5 had its beta going on at this point.
  6. Reach's campaign isn't bad but the missions are basically glorified Firefights.
  7. If you can't counter sprint and double melee, you're not utilizing abilities and weapons on the map. Sure it can happen when someone gets the jump on you, but it's easily countered.If you empty half a mag into someone and melee when they still have shields, that's on you for performing a melee too early. There's still abilities like Armor Lock to survive that mishap. Someone actually said this on Waypoint
  8. Just give me any other Halo besides Reach already this game's multiplayer is so bad. I'd even take Halo 4 over this for BTB.
  9. How the hell can you STILL not join custom games that have already started?
  10. Gonna be nice to be able to call someone bad on the other team in the chatbox instead of having to wait until the post-game lobby now.
  11. I stopped playing Reach for a whole year after the first month it came out and so did most of the people I played with. And I had a large variety of people I played with too, not just really competitive people. Most of them started playing CoD and I started mainly just playing TF2.
  12. people like Halo and it's unique mechanics that no other game can copy properly 343 hires people who don't like Halo because of those mechanics Gee I wonder what the hell is going to happen to the next Halo game those people are working on. Surely they won't make it play like something else that they DO like that Halo players DON'T want.
  13. Someone on r/halo a few days ago tried to tell me the CE pistol is hitscan

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