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  1. implying you can be bad at the RNGfest known as Battle Royale
  2. There's a different between being a tryhard calling out everything and saying when weapons/powerups are and just wanting to point something out.
  3. You think being able to communicate during a game was a passing fad or something? Playing solo now you might as well be playing better bots.
  4. No one talks on XBL anymore so pings seem like a good way to somewhat actually work with your team when you're playing alone.
  5. I remember when Bungie said they designed the maps as "multiplayer first and then campaign" like I would believe that shit for two seconds. I'm sure maps were literally half of it goes unused like Spire and Boneyard were made with multiplayer balance in mind.
  6. I'm curious about how you can put a weapon the back of the Razorback. Do you just put one of your weapons on there so you lose one? If not where does the third one come from?
  7. I don't care that not many people are doing MLG type stuff in the custom browser but all these stupid social/desertbus/speedhalo/assassination servers are just garbage. Wasn't even this bad with H5. I've found some fun stuff but most of it is crap. Even by silly custom standards.
  8. member when there was no red X in Halo 4 and after like 2 years 343 finally put it in and made it white
  9. Unsurprisingly the custom games browser is 99% stupid stuff like Halo 5.
  10. Please tell me I'm not the only one who constantly has problems completing challenges. So many of them say I can get theme in firefight or whatever, but they only progress if I start up a custom game and just farm by myself. There's no way that's supposed to be how it is but it's been like this ever since challenges were a thing. I can't seem to get an answer about it anywhere.
  11. I've got a guy trying to tell me grenade hitmarkers are fine because they've "been in since CE".
  12. Damn I literally came here to say this
  13. If there's some sort of Firefight and the campaign is actually lengthy (and I don't mean with Ubisoft tower padding bullshit) paying full price for single player is fine with me. We'll see if that's the case, though.
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