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  1. If people really want to play SWAT I don't care, but it doesn't need to be ranked. It was a gametype people made in Halo 2 to get easy multikills.
  2. Plenty of people there shit on anyone who says Reach isn't a fantastic game so idk about that.
  3. Custom games died starting with Reach because people wanted to play MM so they could play dressup with their Spartan and get useless XP.
  4. Yeah it's most useful in H2 along with Gandhi hopping. And yeah after Halo 3 they both became fairly useless.
  5. Yeah. Vanilla Reach was 100% the worst way to play Halo seriously. I think most people have just forgotten how ass full bloom, vanilla AL/sprint and no melee bleedthroughs were. If I remember right they made grenades less OP as well.
  6. Probably because by the time 343 got around to releasing the TU everyone got sick of Reach's shit and didn't want to come back. I remember playing Reach at launch for a month, and not touching it once after that until the TU.
  7. I too believe random people on twitter that get their info from the weekly /v/ "leaks".
  8. Way to kill the hype for it. I get that there was no set timeframe but that's roughly 2 months after 343 was saying it will most likely begin.
  9. Republic Commando was basically Halo 5 but good.
  10. How many times do people have to tell you that controlling the map and weapons are part of being "good" at Halo?
  11. It's actually crazy how many more people talk on PC games than on consoles. Especially considering Xbox's and PS4's come with mics.
  12. Is anyone else not able to get a verification email for the insider program? I keep resending it but I haven't gotten one.

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