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  1. I'm sure the multiplayer will be balanced around the BR so don't worry
  2. https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/blogs/br_infinite_3p_close-42260c2c1d7f4ff0998090466cc66900.wav Anyone else think the new BR sounds too slow?
  3. Any time I play Wizard/Warlock/Warlord in social I literally just go back fourth through the portals the entire match.
  4. "Assassinations only" is the dumbest shit. It cannot believe how like 60% of custom games in H5 are this and "clan recruitment".
  5. This is the same company that didn't have JIP for customs in MCC for literal years
  6. It was good in Halo 2 if you were doing SMG starts so you weren't completely screwed against a BR. In Halo 3 they made it nearly worthless though. Also it's just fun in general to do sometimes.
  7. Some of the waypoint threads like one that's been around forever in the H5 section I swear some of those people have an Elite fetish or something. Straight up saying they won't get the game because no Elites.
  8. Well PC players love to accuse people of cheating as an excuse to losing so that might be it.
  9. Not sure what's going on lately but people have gone from pretty much never talking in game to talking shit the entire match all of a sudden. I've gotten 3 people accusing me of cheating or sending salty messages after games out of nowhere. Glad they're keeping the XBL sprit alive I guess. One guy legit messed me on XBL AND waypoint trying to flex his Invasion rank on me like that means something. Literally just won a social 2v2 of KOTH H3 where my teammate left at the start and I still won. Guy right after says he recorded me cheating.
  10. I can't think of a single mechanic Halo started taking from other games like CoD that made the game more enjoyable.
  11. Yeah H5 is a great example of why playing shooters on an controller sucks ass. I've been playing more and more on m/kb on MCC and the only way I can see using a controller at this point is Halo 2 multiplayer just because the button glitch muscle memory is burned so hard into my brain.
  12. If you think grappling hooks suck play 007 Agent Under Fire or Mannpower mode in TF2.
  13. I really haven't had many problems shooting in Halo 2 ever since they "fixed" it except for the sniper. CE though is still pretty bad. It's a lot better than playing OG H2 off-host ever was.
  14. Counterstrike isn't Call of Duty but alright
  15. more like they prefer easier games to get into and that reward playing badly
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