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  1. its kinda funny, if i was a lower tier pro in H2A i would almost be pissed about the announcement, so much talent will come back to halo and new talent will play the game seriously for the first time pretty good chance some of these guys fall out of the pro scene as a result
  2. what a time to be alive im still most skeptical about the mechanics of the game but we will see i suppose
  3. i wonder how that compares to people who are playing the game currently?
  4. i think its a bad "halo" game its an average modern shooter, which means people who dont like halo wont buy it, and people who like halo will hate it
  5. the problem with h5 and the problem with a bunch of games is they push the game to be more mechanically like call of duty while alienating their own fanbase and garnering none of the CoD fanbase MCC was their shot and i can tell you 100% of the people i know who had a box or who bought a box specifically for halo now have lost all interest in it, whether competitive or not the games esports merit doesn't matter if the game doesn't work, in the long term Microsofts one Ace in the hole first party franchise is dying and without a good fable or gears game in sight its up to forza to carry the xbox one and i just dont see it, even if people are willing to let the mechanics of teh game go they are so burnt over MCC just not working properly that h5 is a tough sell
  6. one of the harder combinations in the game to be successful with no question
  7. this whole process is so top heavy right now up and coming players i feel like dont have a great shot to make much of a splash until the game is fixed
  8. just hooked up the white ps4 for some GTA, playing sm4sh with the roommie too just gunna avoid this for a while
  9. ebay is gunna have a lot of XBones literally no reason to own this thing maybe ill open my ps4 on saturday
  10. alright dude its gunna be sick on xbox ! sorry i cant help but be a pessimist now when every game these days is a disaster
  11. you do know ESO was complete trash on pc right? rip HALO
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