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  1. WOW I used the first clip and timed the grenade throw in a real competitive game of team slayer and it worked perfectly!! xboxdvr.com/ItsLaith/54c1a27a-ca6d-49d5-a430-617c7445b676 Thanks for the tips
  2. So I put in my code and it looks like you get a pack with a special emblem, I wonder if the drops in the REQ pack are predetermined or if its RNG with a emblem?
  3. I found this pic on reddit looks like someone had just put something up as well. the picture my friend sent was just like this but the normal flavor http://i.imgur.com/zTViTnc.jpg I wonder if they will have multiple flavors? or if you can only get the codes from buying a whole box and not just from one can.
  4. So I have a friend who works at Coca-Cola and he gets to see all of the coke products (including monster energy drink) before they are put on the shelves. He sent me a Snapchat of a monster energy drink with Halo 5 on it!? He thinks it comes out tomorrow! I think it said you get REQ packs from codes on it or something like that. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this means no Mountain Dew Gamerfuel?!? EDIT: Here is a pic I found on Reddit http://i.imgur.com/zTViTnc.jpg Do you think this is the only promotion?
  5. I am in the DFW area and I'm planning on getting serious when halo 5 comes out with a group of friends if anyone wants to play or maybe join up just add me. Gamertag: ItsLaith
  6. Thanks! I guess I should ask Is there a thread for like the forum abbreviation's? I think it would help a lot of new people.
  7. Thanks! and I looked up what OT and GD mean and all I could find is OT=off topic and GD= general discussion I feel like sucha noob... correct me if I got that wrong please :unsure:
  8. I got this game and summoned exodia my first game. I felt like a god! YuUuuGiiIiOoOohhHH!! Are we allowed to talk about stuff like this that is not Halo related?
  9. I think AR and Pistol is the way to go so it makes some use of the placements of the BR and DMR on the maps so if they have the power weapons you at least have something to fall back on to use strategies and make a comeback. No matter what situation your in Halo there should always be a way out if there isn't then the game will get boring real fast
  10. Yeah I know exactly what you mean with the sniper situation. I was thinking they could put a timer that tells you when it spawns and that is it so they can have there little timer there but not make it game breaking.
  11. Yeah I agree! I think if they had a timer by your score that does not go away whenever someone picks it up the power weapon then that would solve all of the issues.
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