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  1. Campaign is a one time thing. You play it, say "cool story" and then proceed to play multiplayer for the duration if it's lifetime.


    This is how I feel about all the Halo games, especially the recently 'remastered' MCC content. Why have they spent so much time/budget on campaign for me to go through it once and go "huh, cool." when theres so many other things that need to be addressed. I understand some people love campaign, but surely they are fewer in number and are putting in less time to campaign than people are into multiplayer?

  2. Hi!


    Been a Halo addict since Halo 2 days, got into H3 competitively and followed MLG very closely until Reach and then I dropped off completely.

    Recently picked up Xbox one and been playing a lot of MCC. Good to get back into the community and fingers crossed for H5!


    Also I'm from the UK, not sure how many others  are on this forum? 


    See you around!

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