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  1. Gun skill is huge as auto aim is super super minimal, players should be and will be rewarded for a good aim/4SK as its not easy, especially when coupled with thrust and other movement abilities.

    Encouraging stuff. Even if the starting weapons get changed around later after release, this is the sort of fundamental stuff that helps.

  2. I've had this issue since reach where just about every single map I play feels and looks either incredibly grey and bland, or over saturated with textures and grittyness. Hopefully we have some fun unique maps that are so good that we'll remember them forever, unlike other games where I already forgot the majority of the map names.


    Completely agree with this. All the maps from Reach onwards to be honest have just been grey and blue pallette maps with way too many grey textures on everything. Makes them really forgettable, and the complicated geometry just adds too much fuck-up-ery to throwing and bouncing grenades.

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  3. I'm glad 343 is behind competitive play a bit more now, but I wish they'd talk more about balancing specfics and starting weapons and their reasoning etc. Just throwing money and spectator mode and shouting ESPORTS in our faces doesn't necessarily make it a good game for competitive play.

    Currently resisting getting excited until we know more about how the game plays. Look at evolve for example.

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