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  1. Is the winking face him acknowledging that Smite will never really take off?
  2. Or we could stick it in Team Hardcore playlist. :sarcasticface:
  3. Bringing back memories of SWAT with dinosaurs. Oh dear god.
  4. They should just release forge as a fully blown map editor on Windows 10. Mod support is happening for Fallout so why not have something sort of similar for Halo maps where you can design them on PC with a full tool set.
  5. Ah yeah makes sense, would be good to see them stream some scrims early on in H5 though.
  6. So much Intel thanks to the 'follow' feature on xbox now, whole new level of halo pro stalking. Also do people think the 343 team will run some scrims streamed or even enter an event? Would like to see them play.
  7. I feel like I'm the only person here who enjoys H3 MLG and H2 HC equally. It's a bit difficult going from one to the other sometimes for a few minutes but I love them both. Is it so hard for people to understand that people are all voting h3 as we've been waiting like 9 months for it? Of course they're going to want to play the new thing!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/ad_supported_music
  9. Looking at those halo 5 maps; my eyes don't know where to look or what's what. It's just a big collision of grey structures, whereas looking at the pit I can clearly instantly see different areas and walkways etc.
  10. So you'd have to commit hours to the regular playlists to unlock the one you want to play? All of the game play ideas you have are debatable currently or have been confirmed as not happening. Chances of this happening: 0.
  11. Music is very personal, just go for something you like and represents your tastes. Like what was said above, try and sync to the beat or tempo of the song too and you're on to a winner.
  12. Enjoying H3 MLG, feels good to be able to 4 shot in H3 at last. Also nice that they put out the main menu message to everyone, should give it a bit of publicity to the casuals?
  13. I don't mind which weapon we start with as long as it has: - Short ttk - Predictable in the way it fires or recoils or spreads. - Provide protection (not necessarily lethal/effective) at all ranges to defend off spawn.
  14. Cool montage, but why do people use the 'new' medals on H2C? The new medals look terrible to me...
  15. Adding H3 to the Hardcore playlist seems stupid. Going between H2 and H3 is awful and jarring, I find H3 impossible after a game or two of H2, and the same is true the other way, they're so fundamentally different. And that's not even mentionning the people who only want to play H2 or those who only want to play H3 quitting out.
  16. Encouraging stuff. Even if the starting weapons get changed around later after release, this is the sort of fundamental stuff that helps.
  17. Agree with most people that Pistol should be 4sk. In H3 when the BR was a 5sk in default settings it felt a bit sluggish, whereas 4 shots felt a lot better.
  18. Completely agree with this. All the maps from Reach onwards to be honest have just been grey and blue pallette maps with way too many grey textures on everything. Makes them really forgettable, and the complicated geometry just adds too much fuck-up-ery to throwing and bouncing grenades.
  19. Looking forward to seeing some full-length games later in the week at the invitational. Will be very revealing about weapon balance hopefully. Also looking forward to hearing what the pros think of it afterwards.
  20. I'm glad 343 is behind competitive play a bit more now, but I wish they'd talk more about balancing specfics and starting weapons and their reasoning etc. Just throwing money and spectator mode and shouting ESPORTS in our faces doesn't necessarily make it a good game for competitive play. Currently resisting getting excited until we know more about how the game plays. Look at evolve for example.
  21. The main thing that will influence me buying it will simply be how well received the first few months of competitive play are. I don't think I'll buy on release, only for it to be abandoned a few months in.
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