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  1. What dead zone settings are you using now then? Anyone else had a chance to play with the new sens settings?
  2. The aiming is so messed up, diagonals feel hyper-sensitive. I know 343 have it listed as a known issue but its so frustrating.
  3. Once the game hits "ready to start" you can launch it and then select which games etc you actually want to download. Which will speed up the process.
  4. So is the patch confirmed for September 1st when it launches on Gamepass? Or do we think the patch will launch before it goes on gamepass?
  5. Anyone think we'll be getting any news on the update at Gamescom tomorrow?
  6. This is really cool, just searched for me and an old friend's gamertags, over 2500 games played. Now I'm sad.
  7. Is anyone else worried that when the patch launches for retail MCC, but they keep the 'test realm' running it may split the community? especially for the 'hardcore' community, would people rather play the polished version or the version with more features? Could affect MM times.
  8. How are people finding sensitivity in MCC Insider? I've found I've had to drop from a 3 to a 2. Is this a change in code or just me coming back after a while and my aim being shit?
  9. I don't mind the aiming issues if I'm honest, just reprogramming that muscle memory will take time. I think either the magnum needs a shorter TTK or the AR needs toning down, not both though.
  10. Any tips for plasma caster? I barely get any kills with it and end up just avoiding picking it up...
  11. I hate the MCC UI with a passion, I can barely even read the font and colours they use for gamertags! Halo 3 had a great UI, and tbh I don't really remember what it was like for Reach.
  12. http://www.twitch.tv/multiplay_halo Losers Bracket Finals underway now and Grand Final on soon. Tune in for the last event of H2A! Featuring teams you saw at Gamescom too. EDIT: Grand Final being shown 11pm BST here as well: http://www.twitch.tv/multiplayesports
  13. Great montage. Nice and simple and great clips!
  14. Splitting the community up even more sounds like a fantastic idea.
  15. Halo 3 had the best collection of medals IMO, also gave them out at the appropriate rate. The halo 5 sniper medal may as well just be a skull, I can't see that tiny sniper reticule if I'm spectating on twitch or something
  16. From Reddit in a discussion of crouch jumps etc:
  17. Will be interesting to see how the "old pros" do on halo 5. Would be entertained by both scenarios of them not doing too well or doing amazing.
  18. I obviously remember leading shots in H3 on the 360 bit I feel like I have to do it so much more on MCC, anyone else feel like this? Maybe bullet velocity issues? Or is it just connection stuff?
  19. Watching ESL csgo right now, their prize pool is only 250k and everyone's going bloody mental for it. Just a reminder that a prizepool doesn't make a game!
  20. I guess people love infection? Haven't enjoyed it since OG zombies in halo 2 to be honest.
  21. Played some H3 hardcore today. Enjoyed it. #fuckthetrend
  22. I'm excited to just see the new teams and players emerge to be honest. I remember back in Halo 3 there was a team that no one had heard of who only played online, went to an event and placed well and it was really exciting to see. Anyone remember who it was?
  23. I'm personally coming round to the idea of pistol starts. Although with regards to pistol only vs. AR+pistol I would go for pistol only. The only positive for AR that people have presented is about the transition from default settings, that transition will only be harder if they run around all day with the AR getting pooped on by pistol players.
  24. Jumping in H1? I think you mean flying on a magic carpet.
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