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  1. Sometime in the future, I hope that some of the pros can band together and get a podcast going. Nameless from the cod scene started one up with some other cod pros, and it's been a blast to listen to.
  2. Don't need to provide anything to you Frank lol. Carry on
  3. I'd personally like to think otherwise; we can agree to disagree
  4. Better than saying "feels really good" and "it was easy"
  5. I'll literally sell my soul to the devil for Tox to win this tourney
  6. Lower half of the bracket is stacked. Can't see Renegades or Reciprocity beating any of those teams.
  7. Crazy ass strongholds game between Splyce and Renegades. Splyce comes back from 0-90 to win 100-92
  8. If nV reaches the grand finals are they gonna have red side cause they're the number 1 seed, or nah?
  9. Rough weekend for nV against optic in cod and halo: a combined 2-13 against them
  10. The hive-mind mentality of r/codcompetitve is kinda scary sometimes. Obviously there's a lot of chill people over there, but one wrong move and you'll get neg repped into oblivion, regardless of how valid your points are.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/CoDCompetitive/comments/6jbph0/treyach_map_developer_on_working_on_cod_i_dont/?st=j4c5fze8&sh=d3604717
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