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  1. Does anyone know when MCC PC is coming out? I sold my 2 xboxes and bought a PC when the news broke, but haven't heard anything other than they're releasing the games individually, and Reach will be the first.
  2. Depends. If you have a bad relationship with him, you chose the perfect gift.
  3. By free you mean transferring $10K to a Nigerian prince, then yeah, definitely.
  4. Back temporarily to post this stupid video. See you in another 6-12 months :P
  5. It's really sad that I've gotten to the point now where the only thing Microsoft could announce, to keep me excited about Halo, is a remake of a game 343 had no part of. And like you mentioned, hoping that 343 don't add their part to it. I have absolutely no hype for any future Halo titles. And the only way that will change is if 343 are no longer steering the ship, which I doubt will happen, sadly.
  6. If you have played Halo 5, I think you already know the answer to this question.
  7. Reading all these comments makes me glad I quit H5 a while back. I'm actually curious to see how far 343 drives this series into the ground. My hype for this game, and any future Halo's, is well and truly dead.
  8. Shows 343's arrogance. They obviously thought that the map was good and just needed some minor tweaks.
  9. They live about 2 hours from me here in Australia. I've seen them about 3-4 times live. First album was amazing. The 2nd/3rd, not so much.
  10. In Hearts Wake? At least they aren't playing H5.
  11. It doesn't, but it's still more fun to play.
  12. With every other Halo released I've been optimistic that they would see the light and make the changes that are necessary for Halo to be Halo again. But I can honestly say I've completely given up and have no hope or excitement for Halo 6. I'm just hoping that H3A becomes a thing and 343 fix the netcode and BR spread without creating a bunch of other issues.
  13. Why bother when the maps are littered with storm rifles and smg's. Seriously though, most decent people have moved on from this game, and now you are left with shootin sammi who would rather parkour around the map aimlessly like a real spartan super soldier.
  14. I played against you just recently. I went +2 and the rest of the guys who were put on my team all went extremely negative. You went something like +20, haha. Would have said hello after the game if I didn't get my ass kicked so badly.
  15. I kind of wish developing Halo was like the American presidential term, in that there was only a set period they could develop the series, and then they were out for a new team to come in and have a go. If this were the case, I'd actual get excited for Halo again knowing there is no way in hell they could fuck this series up worse than 343. After the last 2 abominations with the Halo name attached to it, I have lost all interest in this franchise.
  16. Sometimes you get decent games and sometimes some pretty horrid ones, but I'm finding that overall I'm raging far less than I was with H5. That, and I can aim my gun.
  17. Is H5 officially a ghost town yet (no pun intended) or does it still have a somewhat decent population? Are people being 'sustained'? Before I quit a while back, I was getting 'unable to join' in every playlist except team slayer and sometimes arena.
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