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  1. So any news on roster changes? or is every team staying the same?
  2. Sorry I had to comment on this... In Canada you're suppose to turn "Left of Centre". So the first example is correct for us Canucks and the second is just awful and you'd get honked at.
  3. I hope 343 doesn't try to do what COD did and bundle the updated MCC with Halo 6, so that they can try and satisfy classic/new fans. We don't need the community to be split.
  4. i wonder if summit will get banned too
  5. What if Tox has been throwing the finals against Splice the past two events? What if they want to keep Splyce's confidence up knowing that they don't scrim, so they don't really improve for worlds. Tox showed they can beat Splyce getting to winners finals, and that one regret slayer game where they goosed them shows Tox at full strength. Didn't we use to say Optic/Tox were weaker at slayers? This would be next level tactics, knowing the last two prizes aren't as important as the worlds prize. Im on to you @SnakeBite, @LethuL, ,
  6. Him being the top dog in Fortnite helps also, b/c when he streamed Pubg, he had to compete with Doc, Shroud and other various streamers.
  7. Maybe Ogre 2 is going to be running a legit esport org like T2 did with Str8
  8. Sweet, I wonder how many crates each team will be allowed to open before each match
  9. What I think will happen is 343 will release Halo 6 with a "legendary" edition that comes with an updated previous Halo title (eg. Halo 3 remastered/4k/HDR etc), just like COD did with Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare bundle. Halo 6 will be similar to Halo 5 but with QC updates, but the thing they will focus on is trying to get 4k 60fps, so that they can market it with the Xbox One X (help push console sales as a "next gen game"), just like how they focused on getting 1080p 60fps on the current console.
  10. With Huke joining nV on COD, I think I have another person/team to follow now. I used to only watch Optic COD games b/c of Vision to be honest. Cant wait for those crowd Huke chants also, I hope their team is top 3 good.
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