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  1. My friends and I were having this issue too. Nothing worked so we ran a custom for 15-20 minutes then jumped into MM and suddenly it was fine for a bit. We got 2-3 games in then "Downloading Data" so we ran another custom, rinse and repeat. No clue why it worked, probably just took that long to stop being broken for a few games.
  2. Explosions in the Sky intro song was awesome/10
  3. Anyone else have games that dont end if the other team quits? Im sitting in a HCE game just waiting for it to end.
  4. he didnt read OP http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/33-music-thread/ here is the other music thread, enjoy.
  5. For the past hour i've had unplayable lag, inability to find matches, cant use game chat, roster broken, kicked to lobby while searching. AND PEOPLE WANT TO BUY H5 FUCK
  6. The first time i made it to the hostage i shot the asshole in the leg and found out it has to be a headshot <_<
  7. It took 5 hours and 1 broken controller. Totally worth it.
  8. I broke a controller beating Mile High Club way back in the day.
  9. I did a hard reset and got a game instantly. Good ol MCC.
  10. I've been staring at "Players Found" for the past 15 minutes. Glad to hear im not the only one.
  11. It's simple enough to make your own groups for Raids etc. Funny they cite people being excluded from endgame PvE when you have to go online to LFG websites to find (or make) groups in the first place. I'd bet after watching Skolas die in 30 seconds and Atheon melt in one teleport they finally decided it was too OP. Kinda annoyed about Black Hammer too. White Nail was the reward for accurately hitting 3 shots in a short timespan. It's not our fault spider tanks and half the strike bosses stay in one spot.
  12. I had two objective games end early yesterday playing H3. I cant believe this is a thing.
  13. My in game roster hasnt showed anyone online playing MCC for the past few days yet my friends list does -_- Anyone not able to hear team mates in lobbies/game when using game chat sometimes?
  14. MacDonald looked like he could have ended it after that head kick shook Lawler.
  15. They havent changed, aside from Thorns accidental nerf and rebuff. AR's got nerfed so everyone turned to the next best thing.
  16. I cant stand the vocal minority screaming for TLW/Thorn nerfs on the destiny subreddit. Bungie turned ARs into heaps of shit they better not fuck up the next best thing for crucible.
  17. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    and 28 other teams. i think that trophy they won established that.
  18. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    ^ lol I'd go with the Hamilton trade as biggest surprise so far. Or Rinaldo to Boston lolololol
  19. The coroner said that old shit was shot with a shotgun but died from a heart attack. what up rubber bullets
  20. Final round spears are my biggest crucible pet peeve
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