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  1. Got Hang Em while searching TS. Go 38-12. Lose. GG team.
  2. Yeah i was debating canceling right after i got the code but i read elsewhere some peoples codes were invalid after they cancelled the pre order. Ill just wait til after the beta.
  3. Awesome. I'm totally doing this. Edit: @@Moa you just cancelled right after they sent the beta key?
  4. So i could preorder bops 3 with amazon with $0 down and get a beta key? Then just cancel after the beta?
  5. The rep system on X1 is so crap. The first time i hit yellow i asked a few friends to prefer me and they told me you cant on X1. I looked up the X1 rep system and was blown away by how stupid it is.
  6. I was flipping between green/yellow for a while when i fell into orange suddenly. Spent a few hours on BF then played BTB for a day and it didnt change. A day later i was green :blink:
  7. No i dont think they have, but adding a gun that week would be a dead giveaway to what everyone assumes.
  8. Xur not bringing a gun a few weeks ago and Bungie acting like they cant do anything lol.
  9. Dick head last night waited til our Narrows CTF game started to quit because it wasnt H2. At least dodge properly if youre gonna do it ffs.
  10. Gjally #9 helping some guy sherpa crota nm
  11. Got lucky during a rare H1 game in TS. https://youtu.be/MDBaMzjOYpI edit: http://fat.gfycat.com/AlarmingIllAsianlion.webmgif
  12. Do you use blink yourself? Im only asking because i used to HATE blink but i caught onto how amazing it is in crucible and now i cant play without it.
  13. Add to that the static spawn system for weapons/power ups as well as being able to force player spawns etc.
  14. I think you got lucky. All i seem to get is hammers, swords, and shotty snipes with a troy or fiesta tossed in once in a great while.
  15. I cant wait to see the Tower walkthrough.
  16. I've been lucky and gotten Hang Em KoTH a few times. What a blast that is.
  17. I wont. I tried Y, nade, melee, etc. ended up just running around until i died lol.
  18. Glad someone did. I couldn't swap weapons, throw nades, melee, or pick up the flag. Never seen anything like it.
  19. My BR disappeared in Hardcore http://www.gfycat.com/GlassIncompleteGoldenmantledgroundsquirrel edit: why wont my gif embed
  20. My roster worked for about an hour tonight then stopped so i guess everything's back to normal.
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