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  1. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    i could get 1 or 2 maybe if we dont fill up with guys from the forum
  2. Shotguns definitely could've used more of a nerf.
  3. Opening the 2x vault for the first time. The shader and emblem kiosks are awesome too. Played a couple games of rift which is pretty cool. Shotguns seem like they could have been nerfed more. Hard Light is awesome now.
  4. After MCC being a bust im starting to really regret not going with a PS4 especially with all of the exclusives for Destiny and now Black Ops 3.
  5. The incredibly slow download is too real. I JUST WANT TO RUN AROUND THE TOWER AND LOOK AT ALL THE NEW THINGS.
  6. Patch Notes Up https://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=13474
  7. Mine hasnt seen the light of day since the great 1.1.1 Auto Rifle Massacre.
  8. I cant wait to dust off my Vanquisher VIII and Suros tomorrow.
  9. OG Halo Trilogy CoD 4 MW/MW2 NHL Hitz Shadowrun Mario Kart Double Dash THPS Pokemon Yellow 007 Agent Under Fire Destiny TC GRAW 2
  10. She posed for playboy, just throwing that out there. The vimeo file h ttps://vimeo.com/137378169 that elliot grabs off that drive is an actual vid uploaded last week. Cant wait for S2.
  11. I did this once unintentionally when both guns were out of ammo, it could just be the mechanic for that.
  12. Wearing an exo suit being able to jump 20 feet and wall run you should be able to throw them a mile. They really need to increase the throw distance. Ive thrown so many nades short because im expecting them to go further.
  13. New warlock chest looks cool, not sure about the perks though.
  14. @@Teapot that is pretty damn good for a work in progess. Getting that achievement for bleeding out 100 enemies with the katana was one of the most satisfying things ive done on xbox.
  15. Gettingg aHead. Had to add a second g after it got banned a couple months ago.
  16. Continue running around with TLW/Sniper destroying peoples hopes and dreams in ToO.
  17. Taken King makes year one look like a beta with everything they've added and refined. Dat vault space.
  18. Watched the beta on Twitch for about and hour and this game looks so much fun. I skipped AW and Ghosts was a crap shoot. Stoked to play this.
  19. This wouldnt completely nerf it and still keep it viable in crucible. His comments at the end of the video really made it sound like they dont care about competitive at all. Hopefully they add privates in Destiny 2.
  20. TIL everyone hates blink. It's not a crutch and it doesnt deserve to be completely neutered, shotgun range does. Get over yourself, not everyone runs blink/shotgun.
  21. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2015/08/17/destiny-the-taken-kings-changes-to-the-crucible.aspx "Blink is not gonna be quite as good as it was before" NOOOOOOO i play blade dancer/void walker just to use blink. I hope they dont completely neuter it.
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