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  1. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    red wings historically (historically) >
  2. ^ That made me curious about my playtime so i looked it up and wish i hadn't. OG Hunter Main 33 days 1 hour Alt Titan 4 days 15 hours Alt Warlock 3 days 10 hours This game is like heroin to me and i need sunlight.
  3. Those ghost shells that give you planetary mats when you pick up an engram are amazing. Bought one for wormspore and one for relic iron and just equip them during strikes and patrols. Up to my ears in wormspore and relic iron. Gonna pay for themselves not having to waste legendary marks on mats. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3lobdm/sga_buy_the_vanguard_ghost_shell/
  4. Taken King is like Destiny 1.9 Theres so much new content/changes it feels like a new game. The dialogue between the NPCs during the story missions was awesome. Cayde chirping Eris is my new favorite story related thing ever. I know its all a few days late but damn this is good.
  5. I FINALLY got Taken King this morning and had to take a break from the new story missions to farm some exotics.
  6. new youth lagoon is streaming. different from wondrous bughouse and year of hibernation but good.
  7. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    I need to think up a witty team name. @@Kelso i haven't either heyoo
  8. This was the GTA i was never allowed to have when i was a 12 year old.
  9. I converted all of my ascendant/radiant shards/energy into motes until i got down to about 150 of each just in case.
  10. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    Guys we can't have a league with 2 people.
  11. I saw them at lolla in 2010 and again in 2012 with the arctic monkeys. Both shows were preeeeetty fucking good.
  12. Fuck me VoG is the BEST PvE content in Destiny. Hopefully Kings Fall stacks up to it.
  13. ToO would be awesome with no supers or heavy. I'm not a big fan of a 1 life round based game type that allows one class to self revive then spam 10 grenades with an overshield and one hit melee. Panic slams are annoying AF too. I never realized how much i wanted a no super game type until you mentioned it.
  14. I dont know that youll over crate him unless you throw the poor guy in there and leave him for 23 hours a day. My girlfriends puppy gets crated while he's home alone and at night when everyones sleeping, other than that he's allowed out and we just leave the door open so he can go in there and chill. Throw a blanket over it so it stays somewhat dark and enclosed, itll feel more like his own little den. Little mans probably gonna take a little while to get used to it and be comfortable being in there with the door shut, just give it time and keep at it. Another thing, if you get a crate thats going to fit him as an adult grab a divider and section part of it off when hes smaller so he wont want to go piss in the corner then walk to the other end and snooze. I know youre not getting a lab but this is just good general info on crate training http://www.thelabradorsite.com/crate-training-your-labrador-puppy/
  15. Ive been jumping between Mida, Suros, VoC, and Red Death.
  16. Mayhem is so fun. Golden gun 5 or 6 times first match.
  17. People use chucks because they're a good affordable option, i love mine. Chucks have a thin, flat, rubber sole thats good for getting planted and driving through your heels. They beat the cushioned soles of running or tennis shoes. Arch is just the curvature of your foot. Actual weightlifting shoes have a raised heel for deeping squatting and more ankle mobility, which Duki mentioned above. I'm sure him or Blitz can expand on this in better detail. Here's a decent article on weightlifting shoes http://breakingmuscle.com/olympic-weightlifting/weightlifting-shoes-why-you-need-a-pair-what-to-look-for-and-when-to-wear-them
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