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  1. Thank fucking god for this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=lcFy3usXVKM This as well as Boards of Canada has been treating me well lately. That Pantha Du Prince is pretty good.
  2. No, it was great initially. It seemed like after a bit Animal and whoever went off the deep end.
  3. I cant wait for AM to drop. Not really feeling that B-side "2013" though.
  4. Im going to miss ender. I second this. I just want to post bullshit with all you cunts and not have to worry about mods shitting the bed.
  5. I honestly had this tag a few years ago during H3. Spelled out "c o n t r o l" Now its Getting aHead.
  6. Almost 7 weeks out of the gym and i had two separate compliments on how "big" and "strong" i look 2 days ago. All i could do was wtf because personally i feel a lot smaller and weaker than almost 2 months ago.
  7. I cooked up some lemon pepper chicken with broccoli for dinner. I cook a lot and enjoy it.
  8. They mad. Wings made it a hell of a lot further than i expected, although i am disappointed they couldnt close out the Hawks being up 3-1.
  9. this is new and exciting
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