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  1. Isnt there only that one song? Or did u listen to that baltimore broadcast they had


    ive only heard floridada


    im sure theres crappy recordings from the BWI broadcast but i havent looked for them

  2. Was in a different fireteam with a guy using one and he kept dying because he was shooting too much.  Dude was seriously bad.



    Finally got my warlock to 300.  Has anyone seen anything drop at over 300 without being a raid item?  Wondering how a bunch of my friends have 310 gear.


    Lol ya gotta stay in the bubble. 


    I believe 300 is max for everything except exotics and raid gear. 

  3. @@Moa Rip speakers. 


    How much damage does black spindle do to oryx when his chest is open?  Was in a fire team and one guy was telling another not use it since it doesn't do enough damage in 3 shots.  Thought the impact was super high on it though.  My 1000 yard stare at 300 does more than my hereafter at 305.  Thinking about dismantling hereafter.


    Thinking about buying a TLW for trials.  Any opinions on it vs hawkmoon?  IDK why but I just can't seem to kill anything with it. Can still do good with TLW.  Something about hawkmoon just throws me off.


    Not sure about the spindle but Touch of Malice is the GOAT Daughters/Oryx gun. 

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  4. Finally got Dark Drinker. Bumped me up to 307. The sweat is real. 


    Anyone get a hunter cloak from the Psion Flayers? Trying to figure out the drop rate and whether or not i should grind the strike from the directory, level 36's, or heroics. All i seem to find is whatever flayer dies last is the cloak you get. 

  5. Blood Bound would make Void kills pretty easy, I would assume?


    I'm trying to grind Helium Filaments for the Solar Sword.


    Yea it wasnt too bad once i figured out the easiest way. Blood bound and envenomed along with Monte Carlo and Young Ahamkaras Grasps farming Seige of the Warmind for 45 minutes. 


    I dont envy having to farm the moon either.

  6. The exotic sword grind was worse than i though. Void kills as a nightsalker wasnt terrible but running around mars farming relic iron fucking blows. Even with keen scout and a ghost shell it took for fucking ever. 


    Cant wait to kill alak hul and his butt buddy tomorrow. 

  7. On the final step of the Hunger Pangs quest for Touch of Malice. 


    Fuck farming Hadium Flakes and scouring the Dreadnaught top to bottom for 45/50 Calcified Fragments.


    Edit: Got it!






    Joke was on me, i had to farm more hadium flakes to upgrade the damned thing. 

  8. I think its going down to 280 so yeah infuse stuff while you can


    Whats a good sniper for me to infuse with the 310 spindle? I have a Tao Hua Yuan sniper and didn't take the 1000 yard stare from the taken war quest because I didn't think I'd have to infuse the spindle lol ughhhh


    Yea i meant that i already printed a 300 spindle and was trying to guess whether or not they would nerf that down to 290 as well.


    No clue what sniper to infuse yours with i was only using a 1000 yard until i got my spindle  :D

  9. Converting Y1 -> Y2 costs Marks

    Reprinting something in your inventory is a Shard and 2500 Glimmer


    If you dismantle an exotic you might have to rebuy it with marks but I'm not sure.


    Yea thats what i though. Ill keep the OG Spindle, print one at 300 (i read on the destiny subreddit they were printing at 300) then upgrade 1000 yard. 

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