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  1. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    Abby bout to get a phone call. lol @ Tarasenko telling blues management about panarin a while back and them not acting.
  2. Y2 VoG would make me more happy than anything Bungies done Y2 thus far.
  3. I took five almost six months off Destiny. Hopped back in Tuesday for the update and man is the new infusion amazing.
  4. ive only heard floridada im sure theres crappy recordings from the BWI broadcast but i havent looked for them
  5. Getting aHead

    NHL Thread

    I do not miss the wings being in the west.
  6. Crota is the most intense strike too, worth a go.
  7. Strikes are the fastest way to grind to 290. Make sure you decrypt engrams one at a time. If you get something with higher light equip and continue.
  8. 25 coins to get one exotic sounds extremely exaggerated lol i average like 1 for every 7-8 coins grinding strikes
  9. Lol ya gotta stay in the bubble. I believe 300 is max for everything except exotics and raid gear.
  10. @@Moa Rip speakers. Not sure about the spindle but Touch of Malice is the GOAT Daughters/Oryx gun.
  11. Jelly. I want the void cloak.
  12. Finally got Dark Drinker. Bumped me up to 307. The sweat is real. Anyone get a hunter cloak from the Psion Flayers? Trying to figure out the drop rate and whether or not i should grind the strike from the directory, level 36's, or heroics. All i seem to find is whatever flayer dies last is the cloak you get.
  13. Yea it wasnt too bad once i figured out the easiest way. Blood bound and envenomed along with Monte Carlo and Young Ahamkaras Grasps farming Seige of the Warmind for 45 minutes. I dont envy having to farm the moon either.
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