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  1. I havent unpacked my XBONE from moving in almost 2 weeks before last night. Iv been reading a lot more, playing music again, and catching up on shows...its been pretty amazing TBH.
  2. solid editing...very simple. I wish the music wasnt too loud so I could hear the game sound but thats just me.
  3. saw update...got excited...downloaded...searched MM...found 4v4 game instantly....got REALLY excited...game ended...backed out...went to search again....nothing....its been an hour now since my last game...I feel so fucking teased.
  4. downloading now...I suggest starting it because it seems like its going to take a while.
  5. finally getting games pretty consistently...and by that I mean 2v4s... have they said anything about when they are dropping this patch today???
  6. I feel like compensation is needed for this shit.
  7. so aside from MM not working, is anybody else having issues joining other players parties?...I just keep getting "Joining Player" then it gives up....I have yet to be able to even play customs...sorry if this is a known issue, I just woke up and I a lazy as fuck.
  8. well worst case...we now have halo 1 and 2 on XBL
  9. GT - i Crav3n i will be on most nights.
  10. started playing halo 1 at launch...competitive halo around 2003...started a little more seriously with halo 2 with xbl.
  11. Im still curious about halo 1s MP and if they are going to be implementing a timer, or if the games are going to go on as long as it needs to...
  12. it looks like a halo 4 map pack...weapon/grenade indicators pretty much gave it that vibe for me...at least the gameplay will be worlds better.
  13. top of my head.... os os ramp mid window 3s (the room with 3 doors bottom os) 2s (bottom room with 2 doors) red 1, 2, 3 back wall top window thats all I got that I can think of.
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