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  1. great series so far. i don't think people realize how nasty royal 2 is, he's been making ridiculous plays all tourny
  2. I've always been a Victory fan, but man, this series has been beyond rough for him.
  3. Ambush vs. Ogre 2's team earlier had some really good matches..brought me back to the MLG feels. Watching RC get scrubbed by Contra and them made me laugh pretty hard. Can't say I enjoy watching someone lose as much as I like watching him lose. I think RyaNoob/Mikwen's team played against Hysteria and them earlier, but there's a random DDOS *** trolling them, so not sure how that ended up going. Thanks for streaming people, and thanks for putting this on, Jwalk. Been enjoying it so far.
  4. Didn't Lethul talk all sorts of shit leading into this event?
  5. Meh, we all know IG sucks, I don't think much can surprise me from them anymore.
  6. And that sucks Valen. I thought your casting was definitely getting better. Sucks they pulled the rug out from under you the day before the damn event. What a bunch of dbags.
  7. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.
  8. I need closure. Did he get the package? Did UPS seize it as a cartel shipment? I gotta know.
  9. Team Name: Old Dudes Winner: Old Dudes Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/iWaRfArE/home/match-060e42d33f05d4cc https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/iWaRfArE/home/match-c3fbeac80846aa5f
  10. Team Name: Old Dudes Winner: Old Dudes Round Number: 1 Score: 2-0 Win by no show
  11. Match Z: Old Dudes vs. Villians Been sending Villians (Vubzy and False Facee) invites, no response.
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