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  1. If only the game had all of its core features at launch. I really do not know what 343 was thinking with their whole sustain bs, but it did not work at all.
  2. Thank you for giving me nearly an hour of entertainment with your posts. I actually thought you were being serious. You're not serious, right?
  3. H1: 9/10 Best 2v2 by far. H2: 9/10 Best 4v4. H3: 8/10 Best social game by a ridiculous margin. Not even up for debate HR Default: 5/10 Good btb and customs, shitty gameplay. Fuck bloom and abilities, I sincerely wonder what the hell Bungie was thinking. Lead to Halo's downward spiral HR V7: 8/10 Too little, too late, unfortunately. Most of the competitive community was gone. If only this was what the base game was like, imagine what state Halo would be in now. H4: 4/10 At least bloom was gone. Unfortunately, unlike Reach, it had crappy customs, so it had nothing going for it except good graphics. H5: 8/10 Game is very good, best since H3 in my opinion. Radar needs to go, and forge should have been at launch, but overall a very good game.
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