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  1. Boys in blue! That was awesome. EG is looking much better than they did yesterday
  2. Never mind, found out. Damn, that's gotta be one of the biggest chokes I've ever heard of
  3. What the hell happened? Renegades just looked sloppy. Not to diss Epsilon, they were fucking awesome
  4. If only we could hear the crowd's reaction at xgames, because that made Walshy's even better
  5. This event was awesome. However, I would like to see them do something else between series. Either analysts breaking down the match, or mabye vods of old series, both hcs and old school mlg matches. Other than in between matches, I thought the entire day was amazing. And reaching 18k viewers was amazing.
  6. Renegades 3-0 over liquid, Spartan's tbag, and Ninja's interview afterwards.
  7. Ninja getting interviewed by Walshy of all people. This should be interesting
  8. Assault actually left Optic? Can't say I'm surprised, but This doesn't bode well for Optic when their two best players left and are going to regionals
  9. The fact that a team can advance far through only breakout and slayer is not only bad for competition, but I'm sure we can all agree that real objective is much more awesome to watch than theses two game modes, and seeing rounds be decided by these two game types really sours the series' entertainment value, as it doesn't feel as proper, for lack of a better term
  10. Fis had a bad start to Halo 5, as pre season he was statistically one of the worst players in the game, and as far as I know, instead of finding some amateurs or maybe top 12 team to run with, he kept waiting for a top 8 team, losing out on at least getting some points. Real shame though
  11. Was Mikwen actually 100% going to team with Renegades before bailing? If so, then that's greasy as fuck.
  12. X Games is going to be interesting, to say the least, whether the teams have already been locked or not.
  13. These roster rumours and changes are starting to get ridiculous. Whether that is a good or bad thing is subjective, but it does make it hard for people to follow teams. I browse here often, and I barely know who is on which team lol
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