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  1. Maybe I’m just too optimistic, but this news actually got me back on Beyond, and I played a few matches of H5 again. I do think 343 have had a lot of fuck ups, but honestly, I have some hope in the future of Halo, and I am excited about HCS as well. Also, I can now have a Canada weapon skin, so that’s worth something to me
  2. I don't speak a single word of Spanish, but I'm really liking this event. The casting is actually pretty relaxing imo, I can just pay attention to the gameplay haha
  3. I just wanted to let you know that this is an amazing post, I don't think an up vote did it enough justice
  4. If you round the numbers, it's 11 percent in favour of sprint and 89 percent in favour of no sprint (at the moment I am viewing the thread). What do you think of that 343
  5. Liquid is actually really fucking good, I can't believe they just flew under my radar
  6. Drama is always either really stupid or fucking hilarious. This is just hilarious lol. E6 is going to have to steal everyone's families with how much shit they're getting
  7. Drama, dank memes, and pointless arguments. Everything I love about Beyond happened in the past day
  8. Starters are meh, but at least the cover legendaries look cool
  9. No Ttar and Chomp I wanted to wreck scrubs with them lol
  10. I mainly play UU (my boy Gyarados is in it). But everyone enjoys random battles. Except when you get stuck with shit lol
  11. Anybody here play on showdown? If yes, feel free to send me a message and battle me
  12. I'd recommend googling it and watching videos on YouTube (watch Shofu). My explaining can't really do the games justice just by explaining
  13. If you have never played them, I would highly recommend downloading Pokemon Reborn and Insurgense on your computer. They are much better than the main series, with a darker story and opponents that can sometimes give a genuine challenge
  14. I don't neg him because I like his memes lol. My stupid phone just slowed down, and somehow it registered my scrolling as a tap lol
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