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  1. Well they can just officially remove one twin from the roster, add one player, and pick up rammy as a full time sub for the other twin.
  2. Alright, where are the halo 5 historians at? Is the Victory X plaza killtacular from last night the first ever against CLG? Certainly the trocity would have been...
  3. Why does everyone suddenly seem to be ranking Liquid so highly? I see they just beat EG 9-8 in a scrim and have been competing with ALG a bit recently, but finals? That's a bold prediction. As far as I'm concerned they have only had a couple of impressive scrims since regionals, and arguably just one good series at regionals (3-0 over RNG in pool play). Although this was the infamous blue team audio issue night. But based on the the scrim results since regionals, RNG is a much stronger pick than Liquid to advance top top 4 or top 2 depending on the bracket. Even if you only look at the most recent scrim results where Liquid have been doing well, RNG is still stronger. 7-2 over denial last night, taking 4 games off CLG last weekend etc. Plus, I can think of 4 tournaments where the current rosters have faced each other (XGames, at least 1 online cup, regionals, and the recent astro 4v4 online tournament) and RNG has won 3 of those. (3-0 RNG, 2-0 RNG, 0-3 Liquid, 2-0 RNG). ALG vs Liquid will be a great pool play match, but I definitely wouldn't bet money on Liquid winning that cleanly. If Liquid shows up really hot then we'll be treated to a close series. If anything is off, as a rational man, I have to predict ALG winning 3-0. Most likley scenario? Both teams get second in their pools and won't face eachother. RNG might face ALG and that will be a close series that could go either way (if you trust any of the recent scrim results, you might even give RNG an edge here). Liquid might face EG which will not be a close series. CLG will probably make quick work of either team.
  4. Well several of MLG's logos are heavily inspired (aka stolen) to begin with. Phantasy Star's final boss: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jVVAo02Tb5w/maxresdefault.jpg Also Instinct's logo is pretty clearly the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  5. Serious chemistry issues!? They have some work to do if they want to break into the top 3, no doubt, but I think they are more than capable. Plus I don't think they are in any danger of falling out of the top 4. CLG + EG > ALG > RNG >>> Liquid, nV, Triggers Pound, Noble etc
  6. But a 3-0 against Epsilon avenges RNG and lets them through the pool regardless of their ALG match, so get it done!
  7. People are asking about ties. Every team can still get out of the pool. http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/87/halo-world-championship-tour--x-games-aspen-invitational-2016#format But if we assume that ALG beats Liquid at 4:30 EST (maybe not a safe assumption, but ALG is really good), and if Liquid manages to beat Epsilon at 7:00 EST then this is how it breaks down: Liquid (3) > Eps (0) RNG advances (4 wins against tied teams is the highest) Liquid (3) > Eps(1) RNG and Eps are tied. If RNG wins a game against ALG at 8:00 EST then RNG moves on. If RNG gets 3-0'd then they play a TS tiebreaker Liquid (3) > Eps(2) Epsilon advances. (5 wins against tied teams is the highest) And if Epsilon beats Liquid, then they advance. Unless of course RNG beats ALG, then ALG and RNG will advance with RNG in the first position based on the tiebreaker rules.
  8. Completely agree. Regions are hype. These are top 8 teams... pretty much all the players on the top 4-5 teams are already all stars. We need something else to spice it up
  9. Renegades vs Allegiance Fathom CTF on Sunday-- did anyone catch the play that Victory made on Cratos during the last cap? I don't think it was on stream, but something sick happened because people were freaking out
  10. It seems like a lot of people are fundamentally misunderstanding the aim acceleration settings. There's a good chance a lot of you have it backwards. Based on this post: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/halo-5-advanced-controller-settings Aim acceleration 1: It takes the longest amount of time to reach top aiming speed. In other words, as you hold the joystick in one direction your speed is slowly increasing making it difficult to hit flick shots. In order to hit a flickshot you pretty much have to watch your reticle and have amazing or lucky timing. If you use this setting you love the speed of your reticle changing so much that you hardly ever want it to be constant. Aim acceleration 5: Your turn speed reaches it's max almost instantly effectively making aim acceleration disappear. Flick shots can be learned and repeated since your muscle memory is much more important and there is no timing aspect to aiming. if you use this setting you hate aim acceleration and prefer your spartan to always aim/turn at the same speed. For you guys that are trying 1 accel and a higher than normal sensitivity-- have you tried 5 accel and a lower sensitivity?
  11. I haven't tried scuff, but I'm using all 4 paddles on the elite and i'm liking it just fine. Definitely requires a little dexterity in my pinkies to press the bottom ones, but it's not tough to get used to and that problem may just be the result of the way I hold the controller. I don't think anyone will have a problem pressing them accidentally in game, but you'll press them all the time when you're idly holding your controller in between games. I've come so close to buying that $25.00 Warzone Req Bundle on so many occasions simply by setting the elite controller on my leg during matchmaking
  12. Definitely needs some tweaks before it should be played in a series for $1million. Off the top of my head: Shorter rounds. 60 or 90 seconds is more than enough More rounds. First to 7 at LEAST. Especially with shorter rounds, you need the opportunity to try out some things, (condition your opponents etc) without risking the game. Plus there's plenty of luck involved in surviving the opening nade barrage... it can easily decide half the match in the current form. Also why is the objective not a bomb? For 10+ years in halo you have always brought a flag to your base and a bomb to the enemy base--its not a huge deal, but definitely adds unnecessary confusion for noobs/spectators.
  13. See I actually like Orion FFA the best, but maybe I just relish the fact that its frustrating for other champions/onyx players . The tower you get your riot in is a really advantaged spot obviously, but you mostly just have to be patient and win 1v1 fights since there aren't that many kills to steal from there, and there is almost never anyone in the courtyard below you. Once in a while you can steal a kill from the yard or railgun base, but if you look for it too often, some guy inevitably crouch walks up your stairs and gets the jump on you. From the cage/yard corner you can hop the cage wall when people are fighting and clean up kills, plus shoot people in the back that are fighting their way out of the yard. Bottom mid/trench is pretty decent for the same reason, and you can hop up to top mid during slow moments where it takes teamwork to kill you. And the Railgun base is obviously an action packed spot since there are a bunch of spawns around there, and people that escape the yard always beeline for the cage.
  14. See I love the addition of Reversal and Perrrrfect. Might be a little silly in SWAT, but he's facing really bad players and they all are missing his head haha. Seems like a legitimate "reversal" to me.
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