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  1. This is OT but is anyone here an Architecture Student? I need advice for finding free time. I have missed so much halo due to school
  2. I'm honestly loving everything about this event. I have no real complaints. Keep up the work!
  3. This so much. Ik people who never play the hcs playlist but watch hcs & love how they have the opportunity to get their clips from other playlist put on stream
  4. @@Clap a friend of mine wants to know if there is any possible way they can still attend Columbus as a spectator. She lives in Ohio and is dying to go to her first event.
  5. Its starting to actually affect my mood that Halo isnt run by mlg..
  6. Splyce is exactly what I wanted EG to become...if EG was splyce rn it would be even more hype
  7. Im scared to catch up on this thread after what has happen...
  8. I missed some of the final games but I'm not gonna miss the memes
  9. Liquid & NV are good at playing like optic against teams outside the top 3
  10. Is NV the only team to ever take a series against optic?
  11. Stronside got loud and tried to hype the crowd & there wasnt a sound of response
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