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  1. Wtf am I going to pull a screen cap of a game from 2 weeks ago that I didn't take out of my ass? My GT was astronomyyyyyyy look at your block list. And @littlemoa I'm done with this place. Take all 3 of my usernames and stuff up em up your ass
  2. This is Twis7ed M...why the fuck did I get IP banned for simply asking a question that everyone else freaked out on? I just wanted batchford to unblock me and he's putting on this huge front that he doesn't know what happened when he was just talking shit in twitch chat yesterday. What kind of commie ass site is this? Why aren't the people egging it on banned? They the ones that blew this up Batchford you were like spawn blocking some weird ass corner that isn't even a spawn on pris...Wtf are u talking about?
  3. Spamming A right when the 343 logo starts after opening the game and for a few seconds after until the menu will glitch the menu music so it won't play.
  4. One of my only complaints so far is that Halo 5 doesn't look like Reach/H3. Reach had the best graphics of any Halo. Halo 5 looks like one big seizure of over the top lighting and textures. Anyone here like Halo 5 graphics over Reach/H3?
  5. Why don't you just run Halo 1 MM/Customs the rest of your life man? Seems like you compare everything to Halo 1, and no Halo game will ever top Halo 1 in your opinion. Generally curious.
  6. Fuck Halo 1 for ruining my enjoyment of every other Halo game.
  7. I'm sorry, but seeing automatic weapons destroy people in 3 seconds with ADS and extreme auto aim makes me sick. I feel like strafing/crouching/jumping just got a whole lot less important. Now it's whoever has the better gun equipped.
  8. Projectiles, especially with BRs, don't work in games like Halo. The time to kill is way too high. In a game like battlefield 4, with a low kill time, you could be off your target and adjust and still have plenty of time to kill before the target gets away. You don't have that time in Halo, especially with sprint. If Bungie couldn't properly code non hitscan netcode, I don't even want 343 to try it. Forcing people to tie one hand behind their back when the play would increase the skill gap, too. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
  9. Need a teammate for Halo 1, I'm above average but not super great lol Gt: astronomyyyyyyy (7 s's)
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3f5sih/who_else_actually_likes_sprint/ctlnfsw "When you are sprinting, you are doing nothing. You aren't shooting, you aren't throwing grenades, you're closing space that is needlessly large as a result of sprint." Said this to 3 people on Reddit that were saying sprint is good for Halo. No one has replied after hours. Such a simple arguement that really has no logical rebuttal.
  11. "Sprint is fucking awful for the game. And the worst part is i've never seen a rebuttal that defends the use of sprint in a functional Halo game, because it doesn't work. When you are sprinting, you are doing nothing. You aren't shooting, you aren't throwing grenades, you're closing space that is needlessly large as a result of sprint. You have to bring your gun up to shoot and in a so called arena shooter, animations that stall action are terrible for game speed. Building off the traversing space fallacy is the fact that tactical map design goes out the fucking window. Designers now somehow have to account for TWO speeds of player travel and they will always favor sprint. Cover is now fewer and farther between and without sprint it becomes apparent how big maps must become to accompdate. Try playing Haven without sprint. It's huge. Halo used to be about map control. Controlling Red base in Beaver Creek, Pink in Midship, BR3 on lockout, yeah, none of this is a factor. Controlling lanes and lines of sight no longer mean a damn thing because one player can press a fucking button and break a setup that a team in past titles formerly would have had to achieve by slaying. Sprint actually dumbs gameplay down by promoting moving over tactical position. With Sprint there is little point to holding onto positions for long because the control is gone. In addition to the above points, sprint when used defensively can completely turtle games. Where in past halos if you were going to die, your best option would be to trade shots. While this was partly due to the primary utility weapon(hint: DMR and H3 Br were awful), with sprint available, a players best option is to ALWAYS RUN AWAY. It's a completely cheese move that stagnates games and makes them run way longer than they should. The killtimes of halo have never supported sprint and this trend has continued. I have no faith that 343 understands the original concept of Halo. Bungie caught lightning in a bottle twice, then gimped Halo 3. Halo Reach introduced all the shit that is responsible for the terrible, twisted evolution that calls itself Halo is today, and H4 was the nail in the coffin for me. H5 will do nothing to empower the player individually and is yet another unremarkable FPS. TL;DR: Sprint has fucked halo and trod on its corpse. Long Live Ce & 2" Obnokshus on /r/halo. I know everyone's tired of the sprint arguements, but I thought this one was just too good.
  12. No? I have more fun playing video games than watching them be played. Regardless of my personal view point, I also think a bigger prize pool is an artificial way to make a game "better", rather than making a good game that attracts the players first, followed by the prize money coming naturally.
  13. Hopefully the announcement is something geared towards normal players. I've never been too big on pro anything, especially Halo for that matter. I get more prize money=more players, but I'd rather be creating forge maps on PC or browsing a server list than finding matches 5 seconds quicker and seeing a bigger number under the twitch viewership. Just increasing prize money seems like an extremely narrow minded way to increase viewers and just another money scheme by 343.
  14. Where the fuck do I put the reticle on enemies in Halo 1? I can't 3 shot to save my life and I'm starting to get pissed. And how the hell do I strafe at 100mph when it seems like i can only go back and forth at 2mph.
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