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  1. Damage boost. Promotes teaming shooting, unlike OS which for the most part, promotes " you go grab OS and make an individual play please" . Damage boost didnt get its fair shake in halo four imo. Like with damage boost you have to worry about keeping that guy alive, bc he can put out more damage/time than anyone else on the map right now. Les your team get map control, etc etc That's the way I see it working anyway, never really used it in a competitive game.
  2. Yeah disagree, bf players would love ranks and cod players are gonna bitch until they get ranked (league play) again. Nadeshot tweeted not to long ago that the first fps with a competitive ranking system, like h2 and h3, will be the dominant fps for years to come.
  3. I just realized it might have sounded like I was backhandedly trying to call you bad, I wasn't. Everyone does that sniper thing. just watching this video made me think about it
  4. I have noticed Caitlyn becoming a very popular pick...why is that? She is adc right?
  5. I agree with drewski I think. Me and my buddy skywalker where just talking about this. It works in cod bc someone good can easily win a 1v3 or whatever, but with halos longer kill time (which is what makes halo way better imo, the long- lasting gun engagements) I really don't see how anyone could clutch a 1v3 or 2v4 or whatever, unless the people are terrible and dumb, in which case they are gonna get stomped in every gt anyway. Now if you said this is a social gt, with swat- like health, then sure. That prob would b fun. But we can't play swat competitively lol. Or can we? I hate swat but I'm all for anything that is fun and will get people to play.
  6. That sounds good and all, but do you truthfully see it working? With all the hype around the next halo, ( and I guarantee you if the game is good, the numbers will be there) and cod already big as hell. Titanfall really wouldn't be that smart to try and cater to competitive ( which I assume that's why they aren't even trying) There is just too much bs for it to be anything but a fun, play with your friends while drunk, type of game. Just the act of getting in the Titan is pretty lol imo. This is all imo, don't be upset if you disagree plz. And btw, if you look around on what competitive/ pro gamers think, you will find that the majority share a sentiment similar to mine. The game will be fun and I'm not dissing it, it just isn't gonna fill the competitive niche. I see room for cod and 1 other shooter on the mlg circuit, possibly halo if the game is good.
  7. I was replying to the guy a few post up- his name is halo. If you played halo three, which I assume you did since youre decent and on my fl, you know exactly what I'm talking about (pretty sure we are friends)
  8. This game is a complete flop competitively. It's gonna be fun to play with friends and shit, but no way is it going to fill the competitive niche like you guys were talking about. The devs themselves basically outright said there isn't a competitive esport aspect to it. No ranked, no custom games, no small maps, they aren't even attempting to make it competitive. Should b fun tho.
  9. You have a huge skill gap between your br and your sniper, you hit some nice snipes that game tho.
  10. I'm sorry but I cringe every time I see bad players constantly hitting yy when they have sniper, cause they see their fav pros do it. But they don't understand why they are doing and thus, they think its cool to just spam yy in between every shot. I've been playing a little h3, ill get you to some good quality mlg play. I think you should limit your applicants to dubs or mlg, as that's what the vast majority of this sites is interested in. Also, you could look at goofy and naded rebroadcast, they have been playing a ton and streaming some online tournaments and whatnot. There are some great games you could cast over, with top top level of play.
  11. Halo- are you joking bro? One of the only good things about halo four was the smooth movement and strafes/jumps. I assume you played halo three? When you strafe or jump in halo three, your spartan is like a half second behind where you are in your strafe/jump. Now THAT, is terrible.
  12. Yeah the teams would change because some people play way better without sprint. Think of teams like bth and sq, really good shots, teamwork, movement etc. They just played too slow, that's why they weren't top three. When sprint is in the game it just makes the game play different, and that suits some better than others. And oh yes, it could 100% be more popular than halo 3 given today's technology. With spec mode, streaming, big sponsors, competitive dev support. If the game is good, the huge numbers will follow.
  13. I'm grunching so I'm sure it's been said, but we NEED competitive ranking system. Social and ranked, and then within ranked, some sort of competitive ranking system. 1-50, gold silver platinum, half moon quarter moon full moon, I don't care just make it fucking competitive, and make it work. OP needs to be edited to add my suggestion.
  14. I'm not even sure why you guys are arguing about spectator mode, do you guys not remember that interview where the dev basically 100% confirmed spectator mode is in for the next halo.
  15. Oh, I grunched before I posted, I see others agree. Bottom line, titanfall will be a fun game to mess around in, but 100% isn't gonna fill the competitive niche, in any way. Here's to hoping the next halo fills that niche
  16. Titanfall isn't gonna have any sort of competitive element to it. Fact. They aren't even trying to put up the front that they are. Nadeshot, who just flew out to the studio to test the game, said on his twitter that the game looks fun and addict ing, but has no ranked playlist and no plans for competitive e sports. No small maps etc etc. this was all straight from them, and I don't think nadeshot would lie on twitter about that.
  17. I can't wait until halo five... This tourny isn't happening, people would need to practice online. And as we all know, halo three is pretty much un playable online
  18. Yeah, I get a feel for how good their shot is first. If I expect them to be as good as me, and it's an even situation, ill try some peak shots or the like to kinda measure how good he is and how he responds ( passive or aggressive). Also I start off the game assuming everyone is calling me out, always. You can just tell how good someone is by their shots, positions, speed with which they do things, their overall aggressiveness. Their jump/ strafe when they shoot is a big factor. If you have a good strafe I'm gonna assume your good and are gonna play aggressive. And I fight fire with fire in this situation, so ill be more aggressive than you were.
  19. I wouldnt be surprised if 343 didnt even give them the map codes atfer the movement to Halo 3, this is a subject AGL brought up on the live show and it is a legit concern imo.
  20. What DR. said. The people tried countless times over and over to tell 343 what the game needs, They didnt appear to want to cater to what the competitive community wanted. We tried though. Hopefully they will get it right in Halo 5. If you dont like a product, you shouldnt be pressured to support it, plain and simple. As for them not advertising AGL tournament anymore, We as a community just need to make sure we all do our part + some to advertise. If the community wants to make a major switch like this, then the community needs to ride it out and help in everyway. That being said, I do think it would be smart 343 did everything they can to make us happy until Halo 5 comes out, bc its obvious Halo 4 didnt cut it. (this is coming from someone who doesnt hate Halo 4 as much as some, but I support this change, What game we play speaks volums about what we want out of a game, mindlessly supporting Halo 4 isnt being a responsible member of the community)
  21. AGL giving people what they want. It is hard to satisfy everybody. But one thing is for sure, AGL 10 will have better overall numbers (like 2x) since they switched it to Halo 3, and thats what should be important to them.
  22. I suggest everybody to direct connect in Halo 3, that makes a big difference for me
  23. Ghost, thank you for all you have done. Unfortunately you got dealt a bad hand in Halo 4, but you played it the best you could. I really hope 343 hires you to help make Halo 5, and if they dont they will be making a huge mistake. I really hope that since you have basicly done all this work for free, that you can somehow benefit from it. You have a solid resume filler because for sure, & without you and AGL, halo 4 would have been dead a long time ago. There just isnt much we can do at this point other than play Halo 3 until Halo 5, which I do hope you are a big part of somehow.
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