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  1. I stream everyday if you want to check it out. I think i do a good job of interacting with everyone so if thats what you want then see me on twitch. And ive made all of 2 posts about TB but thats chill, i usually keep to myself. Also changing the radar/removing will not make h5 feel more like classic halo, i want nothing more than to play h3 as the competitive game but no matter what you do h5 is completely different than other halos.
  2. AM with ambition
  3. ive streamed 41 hours this month. how much more do you want from me
  4. All this drama for friendly banter on twitter :/ get baited
  5. I have to do an interview? Ah my webcam just fell into some lava. My b
  6. It would be an honor to be LethuL 2.0 have you seen how many tourney wins that man has? and he gets to shit talk whoever he wants? Livin the dream
  7. at least i use a different one for pro league to make you happy
  8. they arent going to the RNG house though. And you can't say they are 100% better than TL if they got 3-0'd in the last tourny.
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