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  1. Makes the most sense. Was just going off of what they said on the GB tournament stream.
  2. Optic Halo apparently out first round in the $1000 GB tournament. Not sure who they lost to. The struggle is real for them right now.
  3. Hey everyone, me and my To4 are looking for HCS scrims. If interested add my GT and send a message indicating that you have a To4 and want scrims. Gamertag: HighLghT TRICKS Region: North America
  4. Hello all, I am looking to join/start a Halo 5 team to compete in online and future HCS Lan events. I started playing competitively during Halo 3 and in that time got a lot of experience playing in online tournaments and local Lan events. Unfortunately, my past situation (location and money) did not allow me to attend any MLG events. However, these two things are no longer a problem for me. I did not play Reach or Halo 4 competitively and only played MCC for the last 2 months of the game in order to get back into the flow for Halo 5. I am currently looking to start/join a team in the near future as I love competing in this game and also believe that playing with a team is the fastest way to get better. I am looking for mature people (preferably 20 years old or older; I am 24), who understand communication and teamwork, and are at a similar skill level. If you are interested please feel free to post here or send me a message at GT: L HighL1ghT L. In that message please also give me an idea of when you will be able to run games.
  5. Already have you on my list but don't think we have ever played together. I am getting Halo 5 at launch and would be willing to run some games! I'll also be on MCC the next couple of days if you wanted to play before then. GT: L HighL1ghT L
  6. Hey, I am currently looking for a team for H5 and would be interested in running games with you and your teammate. I have you added already so just feel free to send me an invite whenever I am online (or message me with a time you want to play). Also noticed you are from Ontario, I am currently living in Kitchener.
  7. xboxdvr.com/Kng+Haunter/3283f42b-c4c3-4e22-b168-dd2f06a38708 xboxdvr.com/Kng+Haunter/52a6121a-49a9-4a67-93fb-60f43b56f379 Hopefully one of these clips is what your looking for.
  8. Ran some games with some people but I am still looking. Hit me up on XBL!
  9. Hello all, I am a free agent who is looking to join/put together a team to compete in H5. I realize this may be a bit premature due to H5 not being out yet, however, I would like to start building a friends list (if I can't solidify a team) of people who are of similar skill to me and who I enjoy playing with before H5 releases. A little background on myself, I started playing Halo early on in the Halo 3 era. I was terrible at first but quickly learned how to play and became a competent player (was a 50 in MLG). Unfortunately I was unable to attend any MLG events during H3 but did compete and win a couple small local tournaments (2v2 and FFA). I stopped playing Halo shortly after the drop of Halo Reach but have returned recently and have been playing daily waiting for H5. I am looking to attend HCS events during this upcoming season (as well as compete online), however, I am not sure which ones I will be attending until the season 3 schedule is announced. I live near Toronto so East Coast events will be easier for me to attend. If interested in either teaming or simply having people to run customs/matchmaking with hit me up at my Gamertag: L HighL1ghT L or reply below.
  10. I am currently a F/A and am interested in running games with you guys. HMU GT: L HighL1ghT L
  11. GT: L HighL1ghT L Matchmaking (Team Hardcore) or MLG Customs Toronto Don't be shy
  12. I agree, seeing AR and SMG heavy gameplay today was extremely boring. I think BR only (or BR/Pistol) starts is a change that has to happen in order for this game to play well competitively. Other than that I agree with almost all of the popular points being raised here regarding changing weapon placements, having weapons on the map that are actually worth picking up (sniper, rockets), nerfing the shotgun range, etc. Also wish we could have seen some maps that have better cross-map sight lines and don't lead to so many close quarter encounters.
  13. Sounds great, I will check that out later today. Hope to make it to the next LAN.
  14. I am moving to Kitchener in a couple days to attend the University of Waterloo. I played H3 competively during its lifespan winning a couple local tournaments in Winnipeg (where I am from) as well as competing on Gamebattles. Back in the day I held a lot of really fun and competitive lans at my place and would love to do the same in the future for H2A/H5 (or just attend). Thus, I am eager to get to know some competitive players in the Greater Toronto Area. My GT is L HighL1ghT L, hit me up if you live in Ontario. I will be offline for the next week or so due to the fact that I will be driving from Winnipeg to Kitchener but once I am settled in I will be online almost every day playing the HCS playlist and would love to play with some locals.
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