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  1. Joe Biden ladies and gentlemen.
  2. https://twitter.com/meaganmday/status/1242513283015270400?s=20
  3. Nobody cares that you have zero friends and spew garbage to read on a gaming forum.
  4. Lol the speech caused the DOW to go up though and no mention of that? You mentioned when the DOW went down after his last speech. It’s not a smart idea to enlist the help of others?
  5. Average age of death for coronavirus in the US is sitting at 80 years old and more than 85% of those people had pre existing conditions.
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden only won 10 states in November. Two of those states happen to have the most electoral college votes, and yet liberals wanted to get rid of that system, which clearly make it difficult for a republican to win.
  7. While we are on the subject of dementia, it’s something that really isn’t funny to joke about (yes I realize I did earlier in this thread). We all say Biden has signs of it but we don’t really know that, we aren’t his doctor. Dementia is a real and very trying thing that many people/families have to go through. I like Trump and hope he wins, but really hope he eases up with loose medical claims. Unfortunately I don’t think he will ease up, but that’s sort of where we are with politics in America. Everyone stepping on people’s throats, after that impeachment thing it’s hard to imagine anyone playing nice with each other anytime soon.
  8. My aunt in MA (huge liberal, votes “blue no matter who”) told me she voted for Biden because the country is sexist and racist, and we can’t afford to lose to trump again. So it has to be a white male he’s up against. Lmao so it’s always about race and gender even when they’re voting for white men.
  9. Well when you’re having to wait 4+ hours to vote would you expect anything less? Young people don’t have the attention span to sit through a two hour movie let alone give a shit about some old guy with dementia.
  10. You couldn’t be more wrong. Trump deserves a ton of credit for the stock market run since the election result in 2016. Hillary would’ve sent us into an economic recession. I am not saying trumps perfect, he’s far from it, but he’s done a fine enough job to warrant a second term. Hell his second term was all but guaranteed by the democrats when they wasted everyone’s time trying to get him removed from the ballot. As long as he’s on it he will win, doesn’t matter who his opponent is. With that said if you don’t agree with his policies or simply don’t want him to be your president, by all means go out there and vote for who you think should be in office. There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion, good luck.
  11. Las Vegas and the stock market. Two places you can usually look to see how things are. For example the betting odds have skyrocketed in Biden’s favor for today... which is the only indication you need to know he’s going to win. The same way I can look to see how the stock market is doing to have a pretty good idea of how the economy is. There are ups and downs associated with things like coronavirus and what not but for the most part there’s hardly a need for change in the White House. If anything we need republicans to take back the house and maintain control of senate in order to make the next 2-4 years as productive as possible for Trump.
  12. I’m talking about primaries, which absolutely are rigged as you can see the candidates are coming out shamelessly endorsing joe Biden or in Warrens case not dropping out... all in an effort to block bernie, and they tried really hard to rig it for Hillary in the general election, but trump was more than just a rich guy, he actually had a grassroots campaign and appealed to voters in either the swing states, or counties in states democrats thought they’d win and didn’t campaign enough in. He won fairly and has been treated every bit unfairly since. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but why would I vote for change in the White House when the economy is the way it is and unemployment rate is this low? Trumps getting stuff done no matter how much the media and hysterical people want you to believe he’s so awful.
  13. It’s always been rigged. Since before any of us were born. If you think billionaires that donate to campaigns haven’t always determined who wins and loses elections then you’re not living in reality.
  14. GoodRX app is really useful even without insurance for getting the best prices on medicine in your area, highly recommend it if you’re looking to save some money in your budget.
  15. Why do you care so much about what other people think? It’s great to see that you’re passionate about something, that’s good, so why not be passionate about something you can control the outcome, or at least have a say. Neither of us are greater than any other one person, we are all equal, and should be treated and respected as such. I hope you have a nice weekend.
  16. It’ll be the closest thing to a landslide since 1984.
  17. Biden has a better chance of beating Trump than Bernie. Sanders leans too far to the left to get his own party behind him what do you think would happen in a general election? Get ready for that landslide because it’s coming either way. Hopefully in your case it’s Biden so you can tell yourself Bernie would’ve won.
  18. I mean you support a guy who has Antifa members working for his campaign so... None of them are beating Trump, but enjoy wasting your energy the next nine months convincing yourself otherwise.
  19. Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

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