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  1. Kid looks like a fuckin loser lmao Scalzo and I probably made him dashboard in call of duty when he was younger.
  2. What medications do you take for your depression?
  3. This may sound controversial to some, but it’s not really. “We don’t need “gender identity.” Not in our law, not in our language, and not as an aid to self-understanding. We are embodied human persons. We are men and women, boys and girls, and the ways we choose to act, dress, and relate to others cannot change that fact. The word that best communicates our wholeness and psychosomatic unity is “sex.”
  4. Yea that’s kinda where we are, nobody is changing their minds. LOUD NOISES!
  5. They’re also barred from competing for a spot on the women’s team. There’s no such rule for women competing for a spot on men’s roster.
  6. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Heat can’t trade a future first until 2028. Yikes! Pat Riley gotta retire. Lol
  7. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Really think Orlando gets a 4-6 seed. Love the addition of Aminu and retaining our other guys. Think our transition defense will be best in the league by far, need to continue limiting turnovers and improve internally and the sky is truly the limit. Can't believe I'm saying these things about Orlando. What year is it? lol
  8. That'll be two terms, please.
  9. Trump is lowkey gonna repeat.
  10. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Reddit, nah but I do find that some subreddits are great resources for information on games I play and such.
  11. You’re gonna have to vote for Joe Biden instead. Bernie has zero chance if he can’t even beat Hillary.
  12. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Yea but 2006 to 2008 were amazing! No other school was more glorious in those three years! You had Tebow and the great football team plus Horford, Noah, Brewer, and the best basketball team all at once. No other school can be great like UF. That’s why it’s great to be a Florida Gator!

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