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  1. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Blue and White Ignite
  2. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Sixers will be fine, hoping the magic can just make the playoffs. Fultz might not play this year.
  3. Did you guys know that a modern cruise ship gets roughy twelve FEET per gallon on the open seas? That’s about 66,000 gallons of diesel fuel per day. Cruising is also the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry, globally. Oh and the cruise ships are being built bigger and bigger. In other words, yea we are fucked.
  4. It’s better than not having any parents.
  5. Donald Trump could cure cancer and you’d be in here hating on him for it.
  6. How about the deal offered by China that would increase its annual import of US goods by a trillion dollars? Nah let’s just just talk about buzzfeed and razors instead!
  7. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Ain’t this the damn truth! Some great memories posting in the nba thread... new and old, idk how to thank everyone for making it so much fun! Social media and Reddit probably have a lot to do with it too!
  8. Does anyone else here like Publix chicken tender subs?
  9. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Honestly this thread is dead, it’s really sad to me because I kept this forum alive almost single handedly before 2016, and now everyone only wants to talk about politics... super lame!
  10. Why don’t we all just go to Disney world?
  11. Don’t worry this isn’t a horribly insensitive thing to say.
  12. I’ve always thought of politics as a bit of a mirage too. Like they’re all rich crooks who are lying, cheating, and stealing their way to power, the party lines don’t really change that. My point I guess was just that right now it appears to be more important for democrats to not allow Trump to get a “win” with the wall than it is to tackle actual issues.
  13. Democrats wanted a wall and voted for it in 2013. Have you heard of operation gatekeeper? It was implemented by Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1994. In my opinion this is about political positioning for 2020.

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