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  1. You only like him because he was a Republican.
  2. Not going to be able to score if the other teams poke checking the puck away from you at the blue line and your forwards are spending all of their energy in their own offensive zone. Winning hockey is all about the back check. Forecheck becomes much easier when your top line has fresh legs and aren’t being worn out defending.
  3. Someone capable of being effective in both aspects of the game, not necessarily in on all the scoring opportunities when they’re on the ice, but still capable. Sort of like how Jonathan Toews was in the three Stanley cup titles the blackhawks won, while Patrick Kane was more of the scoring forward, like a Wayne Gretzky.
  4. Okay? Who’s better? At least I share my actual thoughts and don’t just post links and take subtle jabs at people’s character.
  5. Gretzky wasn’t a two way player, I think Mario Lemieux is the best two way hockey player ever. Gretzky is great and if you remove all of his career goals he would still have the most points all-time. But how much of that has to do with how the assist stat in hockey works? Seems like a bit of a compiler if you ask me. Do we consider Emmitt Smith to be the best running back of all time in football? He’s got the most yards!
  6. Competition matters, clearly you don’t even want to acknowledge the discrepancy between eras. Wilt isn’t even the best center of all time, I would take Shaq, who played in an era with much tougher competition at his position. Outside of Bill Russell, there wasn’t anyone in the NBA back then who could match up with Wilt. If you don’t study and follow basketball like I do you’d just look at raw numbers and of course think Wilt was the best, but that just isn’t the case. Outside of Bob Pettit, there simply weren’t any other big men that were good in Wilts era. Shaq played against several hall of fame big men, defensive specialists too. David Robinson, Alonzo mourning, Chris Webber, dikembe Mutumbo, Shawn Kemp, Hakeem, Patrick Ewing, and Vlade Divac. The list goes on though and you really can not compare eras. This is why Michael Jordan is the undisputed GOAT of basketball.
  7. Can you stop linking your biased shit articles? Nobody cares what Barbie has to say about trump. Her entire twitter timeline is littered with Trump hate, biased garbage! You lap it right up though! LOL
  8. He’s definitely the goat of basketball though, sorry Rick, wilt chamberlain lost year in and year out to Bill Russell, so he can’t be the goat. Brady is the goat in football. Babe Ruth is the goat in baseball. (This isn’t debatable, he would’ve been a hall of fame pitcher as well had he not switched to being a position player.) Gretzky is the goat in hockey. Then you have to probably put Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and Michael Phelps in there as the goat of their sports. Ultimately I think Ali is the greatest, not only because of his impact in the ring, but also out of it.
  9. All of sports history? Muhammad Ali
  10. I also found this to be interesting. “With increased waves of immigration from Europe, there was growing public support for education to encourage a standard set of cultural values and practices to be held in common by the majority of citizens. Education was viewed as the primary method in the acculturation process for minorities. Americanization policies were based on the idea that when indigenous people learned United States (American) customs and values, they would be able to merge tribal traditions with American culture and peacefully join the majority of the society.“ They were given a chance to “play ball” so to speak, and refused. How is this in any way comparable to China?
  11. “Jackson viewed the union as a federation of highly esteemed states, as was common before the American Civil War. He opposed Washington's policy of establishing treaties with Indian tribes as if they were foreign nations. Thus, the creation of Indian jurisdictions was a violation of state sovereignty under Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution. As Jackson saw it, either Indians comprised sovereign states (which violated the Constitution) or they were subject to the laws of existing states of the Union. Jackson urged Indians to assimilate and obey state laws. Further, he believed that he could only accommodate the desire for Indian self-rule in federal territories, which required resettlement west of the Mississippi River on federal lands.”
  12. Four percent of gun-related deaths are committed by someone with an “assault-style” rifle. That means 1,591 of the 39,773 people who were killed by gun violence in the U.S. in 2019 were harmed by a weapon similar to an AR-15. In just the last 100 years, 100 million people were murdered by communism alone. To compare the death of 1,591 people to 1 million people every year for the last 100 years is something only a clown would do!

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