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  1. gporter

    NBA Thread

    I mean we don’t know yet. Anyone that thinks they do is kidding themselves. These are children.
  2. gporter

    NBA Thread

    They’ve got some big decisions to make in free agency as well, going to be interesting.
  3. People are really camping outside of Amway Center to see Trump.
  4. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Southeast division champions, won a road playoff game against the NBA champions. Swept Kyries Celtics and lebrons Lakers, too easy.
  5. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Fuck the Lakers, haven’t made the playoffs in more than half a decade. Poverty franchise.
  6. It would appear Ramirez77 is still liking all of the posts made in favor of liberals.
  7. Because everyone started watching it and became this opinionated self righteous game of thrones zealot. It was a much better show when it wasn’t the only thing anyone wanted to talk about. Also, how can you be surprised with the writing quality after the source material ended?
  8. Imagine being surprised about the horrible writing once they ran out of source material. Thankfully it's finally over. Game of thrones truly became an insufferable part of our culture over the last couple of years.
  9. Lol you just started watching game of thrones so you wouldn’t feel left out! Typical follower, not a leader that’s for sure.
  10. Some of the most breathtaking shots I can remember. Story isn’t over yet either, we don’t even know for sure who’s alive and who’s dead.
  11. When is someone going to point out the transphobic nature of gender reveal parties? Very problematic.
  12. gporter

    NBA Thread

    If Embiid plays 82 games he wins league MVP.
  13. gporter

    Film Discussion

    They should just cancel the sonic movie entirely.

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