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  1. Does anyone else here like Publix chicken tender subs?
  2. gporter

    NBA Thread

    Honestly this thread is dead, it’s really sad to me because I kept this forum alive almost single handedly before 2016, and now everyone only wants to talk about politics... super lame!
  3. Why don’t we all just go to Disney world?
  4. Don’t worry this isn’t a horribly insensitive thing to say.
  5. I’ve always thought of politics as a bit of a mirage too. Like they’re all rich crooks who are lying, cheating, and stealing their way to power, the party lines don’t really change that. My point I guess was just that right now it appears to be more important for democrats to not allow Trump to get a “win” with the wall than it is to tackle actual issues.
  6. Democrats wanted a wall and voted for it in 2013. Have you heard of operation gatekeeper? It was implemented by Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1994. In my opinion this is about political positioning for 2020.
  7. How can anyone say trump manufactured a crisis? That’s not only ignorant, it’s horribly insensitive.
  8. In 2019, the federal government will spend $4.407 trillion. Yet Congress and the president are shutting down the government in a dispute between the $1.3 billion the Democrats have approved for border security and the $5.7 billion the president is demanding — the difference being precisely 0.0998 percent of the total federal budget.
  9. What map did you get to round 100 on? And I’ve gotten to round 42 on bus depot solo. Anyone that can get to round 20 on that map has my respect so I consider it my best zombies round. Not tranzit, the survival map where it’s just the depot. Nacht Der Untoten is similar but not nearly as difficult since you can use Tgun.
  10. That’s awesome world at war was the shit.
  11. What is the highest round you’ve gotten in Zombies?
  12. This thread is kind of lame now with Niku being hysterical the entire time.... Americans closer to nazis? Please read a history book.
  13. The alternative to trump wasn’t great either, and probably won’t be in 2020. Trumps foreign policy is a little more peaceful therefor he got a lot of people’s vote.

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