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  1. "No poll was conducted among Beyond members. It's not even close to unanimous either."
  2. Removing the firing penalty probably wouldn't work as camo'd players don't engage aim assist, so it'd be next to impossible to hit them at anything other than close range.
  3. The problem I have is that camo is essentially good for one flank and that's it. That's kind of pathetic for a power item that occupies a decent competitive position on the map. This is in the context of 4v4, mind you.
  4. Anyone else think camo should last until you die? It's not that strong of a powerup and historically has a very limited duration. EDIT: I would also entertain the idea of a single OS recharge.
  5. The other major factor is that on PC, most of the popular close-to-mid-range weapons are automatic. You need only look at how hilariously frequently people miss shots with the Wingman in Apex to see that M/KB is geared toward automatic weapons.
  6. Kinda weird considering how hard he dumped on H3
  7. The MSRP is not what you're going to be paying for that card. Demand drives up GPU prices like nothing else.
  8. This is about as likely as Halo Infinite launching this Christmas.
  9. I had Ram's Horn because I was happy to eat in a restaurant again for the first time in like four months.
  10. COLEJA BOY TELL'EM Someone remind me what the stream numbers were for Halo 5's last tournament...whenever the hell that was
  11. "Sprint is GOOD for combat in Halo" "Slide/thrust jumps are GOOD for combat in Halo and what was I talking about again" He talks about shield recharge penalty for getting shot while sprinting being a risk-reward type of thing, but all he did was pursue his opponent in a gun battle. He didn't activate some kind of super-special item or unique class ability that gives him an advantage over his opponent, he literally just followed him around the corner. Why in the living hell would we want to add a risk element to the simple act of engaging your enemy via advanced movement? Isn't the point of advanced movement to make base combat more exciting? In what world would we want to spectate someone who says "nah I'm not going to challenge that guy because m'charge time"? That's like automatically docking you 1/4 of your shields because you jumped mid-gunfight. Not even going into the fact that the video hits /r/SelfAwareWolves territory where he's a hair's width away from realizing that all it takes is an increase in base movement to solve all of these problems organically.
  12. I suppose. It still feels like a strange comment considering the prevailing attitude around here is that wherever, whenever, and however 343 fucks up, we'll be here to clink glasses and laugh.
  13. wat "The reaction to Infinite here is so weird and backwards, lol you guys are actually complaining about the graphics" The entire planet laughed at the graphics. Either I don't understand your post or that line about this forum vs. everywhere else is completely nonsensical.
  14. Let me make sure I'm hearing you correctly. You're claiming that the reaction to the Halo Infinite gameplay trailer was received positively everywhere else except for this forum. I want to be very sure that's what's happening here.
  15. I didn't know "here" had become a synonym for "literally everywhere including Fanboy HQ".
  16. One thing, I think hitscan vs. projectile is more important when talking about automatic weapons or speciality weapons like the sniper (or possibly semi-auto with no ROF cap). Halo gunplay is a weird creature in that all the utility weapons have been single shot or burst fire with a cap. Paired with console controls and aim assist, it's a very peculiar beast in this conversation.
  17. I don't think hitscan vs. projectile is even a debate worth having in the realm of theory. As long as your projectile weapons have intuitive and coherent behaviors (e.g. your bullets end up where the player feels they were aiming and it doesn't play sluggishly), it will always be the superior mechanic. The debate has always revolved around implementation, because oh boy have we seen some widely varied network performance relative to weapon design in Halo.
  18. I'm just quietly amused at how 343 is doing nothing to quell the "open world" marketing magic that Infinite is leaning on. I'm sure everyone who's paying even the slightest amount of critical attention understands that a Halo game could never be The Witcher 3, but it's still funny to watch 343 basically like, "hmm? Oh yeah, yeah open world. Yeah totally. Open. Yep."
  19. I don't know if backtracking is what people had in mind when they heard "open world".
  20. You're the one who constantly says "bro I was there". Bro, we were all there.
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