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  1. So the argument here is that the Arbiter can't change his faith after having it challenged from literally every angle possible (that is, specifically in front of his eyes) because "lol c'mon that never happens". M'kay.
  2. Let's not kid ourselves here, the vast majority of people are not going to care about the aiming. The attention it got on /r/Halo is promising, given what a trash heap that place is, but people are buying this for the campaign primarily.
  3. You keep talking about these things not wrapping themselves up as if CE, H2, or H3 were all supposed to be the "final" game. They were clearly designed to have a story that flowed over multiple installments, so your bickering over the story never truly finishing doesn't make any sense. More importantly, however, you are showing yourself to be completely at odds with the idea that the story of Halo, at its core, is about Master Chief - not the Covenant, or the Flood, or the Forerunners, or the UNSC. These are all story elements that revolve around what happens to the Chief. You can be mad that the nerdy world-building odds and ends didn't weave themselves into the tidy conclusions you wanted, but you're the only one around here who is finding it hard to get invested into the original trilogy, maybe that makes you the one with odd perspective on what truly matters in a story. It certainly wouldn't be the first time you've been alone in an opinion. It does...not...matter that the Great Journey didn't get a big wrap up, because the entire point of it was that the Covenant inadvertently released the Flood. It doesn't matter that the Flood's origins aren't explicitly stated in the third game, they are a literal zombie trope and the emphasis is on what you see - they're an all-consuming evil force, are you some kind of weird alien android that needs to be told that that's a bad thing? You're looking at the Halo story through some kind of insipid "dungeon master-esque" autistic fantasy lens. If Halo's story is too surface-level for you, then that's fine, but that doesn't make it trash.
  4. The Great Journey was there to explain why the Covenant were involved in a story about the Forerunners, the Flood, and the Halo rings. It didn't need a resolution, hell it couldn't HAVE a resolution because it was fake. Yes, that means the Prophets took up too much screen time, no one said the story was perfect, but you referred to it as a "dumpster fire" which is fucking r*tarded.
  5. You do realize that the point of some stories is that you don't know exactly what's going on at first, right?
  6. Maybe...just maybe...the Great Journey wasn't the main plot point of the trilogy. Gasp.
  7. So the running criticism of the original trilogy's story is that it didn't spend time making more deep/complicated than a simple religious fervor the motivations of the ...secondary antagonist force. Where's the problem
  8. The engine just has far less to do with what you actually see as an end user than you think. It's what people do on top of the engine that makes up the bulk of the player's experience, unless you are super into ragdoll physics.
  9. Well, every Halo game up until now has used a slightly modified version of the same engine.
  10. But Crane, I was told very vehemently by /r/Halo that Halo 5 had the most successful launch* in franchise history and that its player retention was the highest since Halo 3.
  11. People are banking hard on the new engine (don't really mean people on this forum), but I don't think they realize that a new engine doesn't really say anything about the game as a product in a meaningful, end-user context. A new engine would be 90% for the developers' convenience and 10% for the players' experience. The fuckups in the Halo series aren't a result of the engine, because we know what it looks like when it's not fucked up, e.g. the aiming debacle in H5 from beta to release, and the last things that people have complained about in the Halo franchise are things like collision detection. I guess if you were super hard on Halo's A.I. then maybe you might have a reason to be excited, but in the multiplayer? Heh.
  12. Real talk - what could they possibly be working on for this long that would justify such a long break? What explosive new feature or crazy new addition to the general Halo experience could make the title rebranding worth it? I can't think of anything at all, certainly not coming off the fingertips of this developer.
  13. I do remember that being literally the only time a Halo dev has ever attempted discourse at length on this forum or with this specific community, so I guess a tiny amount of credit there to Josh, but it's pretty well neutralized for not having the contextual wherewithal to realize you shouldn't tell a community of competitive Halo players that you're stylizing the gameplay according to lore and trend-chasing instead of what's best for the game.
  14. Just out of curiosity, I blew the dust off my old copy of Halo PC and installed it. It's been a very long time, but I wanted to see what the mouse aiming in that game felt like. It's not flawless, but it is MUCH better than Reach. This is base Halo PC too, not Custom Edition.
  15. The day 343 participates in that "essay writing", I will petition that to be a national holiday.
  16. Really interesting seeing as how you haven't made a peep about the Flood.
  17. It's almost like in a game with three antagonists, it makes sense to have...three games about them.
  18. The primary antagonist of the game was Guilty Spark. Because the game was called "Halo".
  19. Yeah okay I'm not playing a single game more of the beta until the aiming is fixed.
  20. CE is the first game in a long series. It's not supposed to have some infinitely elaborate, exquisitely manicured plot. It's supposed to establish the basics and tell you what you should care about. It does that.
  21. All we need to do here is flash back to the problem with H5's aiming, which was not caused by: Aim acceleration Input latency Hardware limitations Connection issues Sensitivity/deadzone settings To realize that the problem is how 343 is coding the aiming.
  22. That's not the question that needs to be asked. The question that needs to be asked is how the hell are pro players, who ought to be attuned to the tiniest little god damn changes in the game, oblivious to how fucking bad the aiming is?

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