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  1. CE is the first game in a long series. It's not supposed to have some infinitely elaborate, exquisitely manicured plot. It's supposed to establish the basics and tell you what you should care about. It does that.
  2. Looks like Kentucky GOP forgot what "you lost, get over it" means.
  3. All we need to do here is flash back to the problem with H5's aiming, which was not caused by: Aim acceleration Input latency Hardware limitations Connection issues Sensitivity/deadzone settings To realize that the problem is how 343 is coding the aiming.
  4. That's not the question that needs to be asked. The question that needs to be asked is how the hell are pro players, who ought to be attuned to the tiniest little god damn changes in the game, oblivious to how fucking bad the aiming is?
  5. That, to start. Construct KOTH is one of the most annoying experiences I've ever had playing Halo. An endlessly infuriating gametype in a game where I can't aim properly on a map where you need to be able to quickly hone in on people riding the lifts.
  6. FINALLY something we agree on. That it's an unpopular opinion is a bonus.
  7. Spawn trapping because you're just that much better at the game than the other team and spawn trapping because the map/spawn system/gunplay is broken are two different things. A spawn "trap" implies by definition a cascading advantage that is difficult, if not almost impossible, to break out of specifically because you are at a significant disadvantage when you spawn. Remember, when you're thinking about designing any element of gameplay, be it a gametype or weapon balance or whatever, you always have to first consider what it looks like when dealing with two squads of equal talent.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/dqcaht/halo_reach_pc_flight_mouse_input_feedback/ Kind of funny to see all these people like, "it's the input latency". Gonna be real funny when they find out it's not.
  9. ^ I'm not sure that would work because the line between legit spawn trapping and that gametype being literally impossible to win would be so razor thin. Spawn trapping itself is a symptom of something being wrong with the balance of the game, either the spawn system itself or the map design. I'm not sure you could make a gametype out of it.
  10. Gonna go ahead and put heavy emphasis on this. In CE and H2, I had a lot of fun playing zombies, Tower of Power, infinite stickies, warthog races, hide and seek, crazy shit like Boarding Action sniper CTF, the works. Those things were a lot of fun and they contribute to the magic of that period. But I put hours...and hours...and hours, and HOURS of my life into grinding basic MLG matches in both games. Nothing was special, nothing was gimmicky. There were no achievements when I was done, I didn't get any cool cosmetics to show for it. All I did was put work into the base game, and most of it was offline. That's how good CE is. H2 was a product of the launch of XBL and the social explosion that came with it, but Christ crackers at least I can aim properly in that game and it still feels decent under my hands today. And hey, at least it had split-screen and LAN functionality. Need an example not drowning in nostalgia? I play a lot of Apex Legends. I haven't spent a single dime on the game, I don't go for the dailies, I generally don't even play the special modes that much, almost all my skins are boring ones. I play the base game because it's mechanically solid, it's mostly balanced, and it's just a well-functioning FPS game - that's all I've ever wanted in my life. The Reach base game was garbage. The H4 base game was garbage. The H5 base game was garbage. And it shows because of what you just said - nobody talks about how much fun they have playing the vanilla settings.
  11. Everyone remembers Squirrel Boy. That upvote count can go straight to hell. EDIT: I said somewhere in the proximity of that post that if anyone could find any instance on the entire internet of someone complaining about the beta aiming, I'd eat Ghost's hat. He posted a Waypoint thread with about six replies, and everyone had a nice laugh about it. Not so funny now, is it chucklefucks
  12. lol this is always a chore with you Bigshow: 343 can't program aiming right You: lol the original trilogy aiming was shit Me: you don't even know why we like it so your opinion doesn't matter
  13. You are clearly referring to the blocky transitions between horizontal and vertical aiming, which while not desirable are not even what people are talking about when they say H5 and MCC Reach's aiming (and H3's aiming for those who don't have their nostalgia glasses on) is shit. You said it yourself, 343 added the "modern" aiming settings which mostly fixed those problems, but that didn't change the fundamental aiming mechanics behind CE and H2 that are missing from modern Halo games. You don't know what you're talking about because you don't even know what we're talking about.
  14. It's the subtle things that show you have no idea what you're talking about. H3's aiming is completely different from CE and H2.
  15. Okay yeah this aiming is garbage and I don't actually want to play this game anymore. How the hell can aiming be such a problem in a fucking FPS EDIT: Multiple posts on /r/Halo are in agreement, and when /r/Halo thinks something is bad you know it's straight fucked.
  16. I realized it after playing so much Apex Legends, which has a near instant strafe. It's SO much easier to sway your reticule because you don't have strafe acceleration changing the momentum of your crosshair.
  17. Wow, I just had a revelation. The quality of strafe in an FPS has a huge effect on how the aiming feels, as aiming is a conjunction between reticle movement and player movement. The Reach strafe is pure sludge and it significantly effects my ability to snap onto targets, even on PC.
  18. My FOV is only at 90 and I've got this dumb shoulderelbow in my view.
  19. Goodbye forever, shitty console Reach. Although, I'm going to lose my mind if there's some kind of shitty heavy aim on the PC version. EDIT: Ooh, there's a "center crosshair" option".
  20. 3x2 = Halo 6 Six = the number of Def Leppard members, almost Def Leppard for next Halo game confirmed
  21. So you're saying that there's absolutely no possible way to actually assert why the franchise is dying without being "arrogant" because of some Hegelian invective in which human beings can never truly know anything and causality is the universe's greatest magic act. Got it. You are trying to lure people into a 27th argument over Halo 5 and it's pretty fucking shameless at this point.
  22. We have popularity and the mechanical explanation of the degradation of the franchise on our side. This, like Halo 5, is a game I refuse to play.
  23. 14.5 million copies sold to presumably 5 million copies sold says we're pretty close to "worst". And that's a wonderfully baseless opinion in the face of absolutely everything.
  24. No one cares what you think about it. The issue is whether we know better than the developer about managing the Halo franchise. Given how Reach instantly destroyed the competitive scene and H4 annihilated the casual population, there is literally no way we could've done any worse.

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