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  1. "It's okay, he's only joking about 'getting rid' of people who *I* think are bad." lol you guys are literally fascists EDIT: Hold up, I found the perfect frat for you losers. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/28/german-far-right-group-used-police-data-to-compile-death-list
  2. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-jokes-to-putin-they-should-get-rid-of-journalists Huh-LAAAAARIOUS
  3. Just gonna go ahead and bookmark this.
  4. Bernie Sanders' Mexican Muslim brother?
  5. Do you know how easy it is to tell when something was set on fire on purpose? lol
  6. Do Americans need higher education to attain even a decent living? These days, sure seems like they do. Lucrative "floor-level" jobs are few and far between. I worked at the Ford F-150 plant briefly on the assembly line and I had to spend six straight hours taking aptitude tests to get in, just to make $15.78 per hour.
  7. lol, bud Please tell me what would happen if the U.S. government, the creditor of almost all college loans, erased those debts. Hint: the answer is literally nothing, the U.S. going into solvency is not a thing that will ever happen Also education makes sense to subsidize. Smart phone contracts do not.
  8. How it would get fluffed for canon is beyond me, but a weapon cooldown (not overheat, mind you) I think would be better than a reload, thus playing into ^ the backpack reload thing.
  9. Hey Cypress this seems right up your alley https://www.wweek.com/news/2019/06/24/missing-oregon-senators-are-hiding-out-in-idaho-with-burner-phones/
  10. Considering Trump got manhandled in the debates by Hillary, a person with the charisma of a potato, you begging for Trump's annihilation by Bernie is funny.
  11. I really like the way Apex Legends does its "Elite" matchmaking. No complicated ranking mathematics to run through, if you place top-5 in a match you go into Elite and if you don't continue to place top-5, you fall out. Of course that can't work straight up with 2-team Halo, but I wonder if there's a creative way to implement something similar.
  12. I don't think there's anything wrong with oddball as it is. That's why I thought throwing the oddball was fucking stupid and pointless and pure ADHD-bait.
  13. Well, think about it. Lockout is a terrible map for basically everything except Oddball. Tower defense, no-man's land in the middle, too few access points, high areas are too strong, suicide rooms, goofy asymmetry, bad objective spawn points, etc. But for oddball it works just fine. This more or less proves that unless you are literally trying to make the worst map in Halo history (or something nutty like Chiron), you'll probably be able to play oddball on the map. The element of taking one player out of the fight to focus on the objective while also not tying said player down to an area or a predictable route is a recipe for success regardless of the map design or the in-game mechanics.
  14. Oddball can make literally any map good, provided it's not too big.
  15. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Japanese ship attacks either. You know. The ones the U.S. tried so, so hard to blame on the Iranians, yet Japan was like "lol, no".
  16. You don't even need to involve Halo to question that statement - who the hell has PC LAN parties these days?
  17. lol, he ordered strikes and them immediately aborted, he's such a fuckass that he tried to sneak it forward and see if people would lick his taint over it (he should come to this thread) before pussying out
  18. Buddy, with how hard you tried to put the North Korean feather in Trump's hat, you better clam up. Because you're wrong about this too.
  19. You go ahead and focus on the diarrhea line, it's real appropriate in context.
  20. ya real mad over here about not being in pointless wars Meanwhile Trump is rattling his saber really hard for someone who is trying to avoid war at all cost. What is this over, again? Trump withdrawing from a nuclear deal that was working simply because it had Obama's name on it? He's a human diarrhea puddle and so are all of his supporters.
  21. Media: "Are you going to attack Iran?" Trump: "lol stay tuned to find out, in the meantime smash that like button" This piece of utter shit.
  22. If only Iraq was invaded because of oil. That, although pointedly evil, would've at least made sense. Instead, Iraq was invaded literally because the Bush administration had a raging boner for finishing daddy's job and because they were insane. Now gosh, if only the current administration wasn't also completely insane...
  23. The day I lie is the day I start making happy Halo videos.

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