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  1. You complain about weapons on map. You complain about powerups and power weapons. You complain about getting shot when you're not looking. You complain about map control. You complain about literally everything. You want octagon.
  2. You know, people straw man you often about wanting Halo to just be octagon. Except they're not straw manning you. That's literally what you're describing you want.
  3. You mean like his six administration officials that have been convicted (not indicted, convicted) so far? Winning so hard.
  4. The report explicitly states that if it could've exonerated the President, it would've. It didn't. The report is clear.
  5. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/07/anti-gay-gop-state-rep-resigns-amid-allegations-grindr-hookups/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/25/danielle-stella-republican-ilhan-omar-charged-felony-qanon-trump Another day in the unmatched hypocrisy of the GOP.
  6. The fact that you are persistently trying to manufacture a balance problem out of the idea that sometimes you get shot while you're not looking is really bizarre.
  7. Broadcasted mic chat is one of the things I miss about spectating Halo.
  8. Why are we discussing SWAT like it's not a throwaway gametype that's inherently unbalanced and not-Halo
  9. You're an idiot. Like your Dumbass In Chief.
  10. America is their country, fucknugget.
  11. So you DO pay attention when I type.
  12. Yeah we do kind of hate it in its current form.
  13. The weird recent nostalgia goggles for Reach, especially over Halo 3, is really bizarre...but it's also a great barometer of what's left of the Halo community, which is a small tribe of ultra nerds who will buy Halo no matter what, and that's exactly the kind of person who would covet Reach over H3.
  14. Only if you specifically need a ledge that is exactly the height that clamber factors in and cannot be achieved in any other way (stairs, ramp, teleporter, ladder, jump pad, staggering the jump into two jumps, etc.) due to...reasons.
  15. The question that needs to be asked is this - what does clamber actually do for the game? The answer is literally nothing.
  16. This is a culture problem that's resulted from Halo trying to be something that it isn't for years - other shooting games never had an emphasis on custom lobbies at all, much less to the degree that Halo did, and what you're seeing today is the result of Halo trying to pander to other shooters' crowds that never went in on that concept. Also the population drop, obviously.
  17. Yep. The point is that all the gametypes in the playlist (i.e. and in our case, a competitive/ranked playlist) are viable and none of them are groaners, much less quit-worthy. Then simple weighting could allow for people to play gametypes that they haven't played in a while, ensuring that the experience is always fresh and rounded.
  18. I would add that if someone wants to play specific gametypes with that much frequency...well bucko, that's what customs are for.
  19. The system will never be flawless. But if the central point of disagreement is that "playing Heretic five times in a row is better than playing Orbital once", then I don't see why the solution doesn't start with "nuke Orbital completely" rather than implement a matchmaking system that doesn't rotate all available gametypes in somewhat evenly. However, if my choices in H2 are Sanc Flag, Middy Slayer, Lockout Ball, and Creek KOTH - all extremely functional map/gametype combos - and I end up playing Middy Slayer five times in a row because kids only want to play a slayer gametype where they don't have to think, then something is wrong with the system. That's just one more argument for the separation of social and ranked playlists. Let the bad kids play their bad kid gametypes where there are no stakes. It's also an argument for a new developer. Heyoooo.
  20. Hey you know who is implicated in the Eppstein case I'll give you a minute to think about it
  21. If the developer is too inept to put map/gametype combinations into rotation that don't suck ass, then this whole conversation is a non-starter because we have to work that issue out firstly and separately. The idea is to let the veto system clue developers in on "less desired" gametypes. Not "complete and utter abortion" gametypes.
  22. If a veto system is in place, then there needs to be weighting in each lobby player's past maps/gametypes. If one map or gametype is overplayed for the players that have matched up, then it falls off the list and they have to choose from other combinations.
  23. Being bothered by the minuscule and overreported "fat acceptance movement" is wasted thought energy.

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