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  1. I think you're forgetting everyone's favorite gametype, HeH CTF.
  2. Penance being probably literally the worst Halo map in history while being a remake of one of the best Halo maps in history has to be some kind of metaphor for the Halo franchise today.
  3. One person's absence results in the dissolution of interest in a resource that everyone can modify and contribute to? Pretty sure that means people weren't that invested.
  4. This has nothing to do with being rushed. This problem exists because 1) this is how they wanted it, 2) the population is eventually going to be so small that separating by input is actually going to cause an issue, and 3) having old Halo games on PC was always going to have this problem - it was completely unavoidable. You can't turn down aim assist for controllers that much, or they're not going to be able to hit shit either, and then you've alienated a fuckton of your user base who were fully planning on playing Halo on PC with a controller from the very start.
  5. Yes, but think if his first utility weapon wasn't a 5SK with bloom. He could kill people before they had a chance to turn around and dome him with a glued-on reticule.
  6. lol @ Summ1t, well this is what happens when Reach is your first PC Halo game Despite how awesome the Halo 2 days were, party chat is what people have wanted all along. Look at the way people have sequestered themselves into private Discord channels as their main forms of social interaction now, that's what they've always wanted to be able to do and now they're doing it.
  7. I didn't realize you were a shitty person in addition to being peerlessly obstinate.
  8. Here is a list of things I care about less than your evaluation of the strength of my friendships forged around Halo:
  9. I don't give a shit what it meant to you. You don't get to tell other people who made real, face-to-face friends through this franchise that they're "taking it too seriously" when that common interest doesn't exist anymore.
  10. lmao fuck off I lost an entire avenue of social connections because Halo went to shit, and I will never let that go.
  11. Firstly, I think the mistake you're making is assuming that old Halo games actually have a legit shot at not merely existing on PC, but thriving. MCC on PC is just a hype job for Infinite while they spend the next billion years working on it. Secondly, the embarrassment via major streamers might've been a dent, sure, but far more than a ding on Halo's street cred, what would really kill the game is all those old school players finding out that Halo doesn't play quite right in a proper PC environment and/or they're straight up bad at PC shooters and this is how they found out. As far as competitive is concerned, I'm of the opinion that people are wasting their damn time trying to refine Halo Reach of all godforsaken things, but that's me.
  12. That would be very bad for them. As much as /r/Halo would like you to believe otherwise, guaranteed 90% of the people playing Reach right now are long-time Halo fans who also happen to own a computer, not brand new entrants to a franchise gloriously exploding into a new market. Alienating the bad kids is not what 343 wants to do if they want to keep people interested.
  13. Reach is bad, there's no getting around it. Even if you remove armor abilities, even if you remove bloom, even if you increase movement speed, the dev maps are absolutely terrible and the Forge palette is physically painful to look at for more than three minutes. Reach needs a huge overhaul by the modding community.
  14. Well I guess that makes Halo 5 an even bigger mystery of a fuckup, now doesn't it?
  15. We've already established that you and a certain other person are alone in the entire universe with respect to your opinions on certain things.
  16. Honestly? I think /r/Halo is the worst. That's counting Waypoint and the way B.net used to be.
  17. Bro I've got B.net/Waypoint PTSD, I can't tell anymore
  18. You're aware that you can only hold two weapons in Halo, right? So if you're getting pinged by a sniper on the map at long range and you're carrying an AR and shotgun (because that's all that was available to you), what are you supposed to do? Just sit there and take it on the dome? Halo is a game where you're supposed to be at least competent at all ranges, all the time. That's why guns like the pistol, BR, and DMR exist. Of course, Halo is also a game where maps aren't supposed to cover half the god damn planet, but that's another problem.

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